Typo on iPhone 3G S Tech Specs on Apple.com

Apple Tech Specs I was on Apple’s website yesterday checking out all the new specs of the iPhone 3G S and looking at some comparisons with the iPhone 3G. While doing so, I noticed a little mistake in the Power and Battery section of the tech specs for the iPhone 3G S. Below is what it says on the website and what they really meant it to say.

Info currently on the website:
Talk time:
    • Up to 12 hours on 3G
    • Up to 5 hours on 2G

What it is supposed to say:
Talk time:
    • Up to 5 hours on 3G
    • Up to 12 hours on 2G

Not a huge deal, human error. Though, it would be sweet if we really got 12 hours of talk time on 3G!!


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  1. motionmind says

    In my experience, my battery on any phone I’ve had lasts longer on 3G than when I hit a 2G area, but that could be because push email + 2G is a battery draining combo.

  2. Anyone know what the SAR is on the 3gs?