Waiting in Line for the iPhone 3GS [liveblog]

aisThe following is my experience waiting in line for the iPhone 3GS. I will be live streaming video later once we get closer to opening (7:00am CT) (didn’t live stream due to rain)

9:07am – Doug has his new iPhone 3GS which he says “Rocks!” Seemed like a painless process and MUCH faster than last year and the iPhone 3G. He is headed home to sync. :)

8:52am – Hi, this is Brooke. I have been instructed to update Doug’s post for him. They let him into the AT&T store early (before the 10:00am time mentioned previously) so, he is currently in the process of getting his new iPhone 3GS. I have a feeling there will not be any video this time around like there has been in the past. It didn’t work out this time. But, Doug should have info about his new iPhone 3GS soon. YAY!

7:32am – An AT&T rep just dropped his iPhone on the brick sidewalk to show how well the Otterbox case works. Btw, I will have been here for 11 hours once I’m through. :P

7:03am – so, just found out that preorders get in now but non-preorders can’t buy until 10:00am not 8:00am like we thought. Now I have to wait 3 more hours. :(

6:44am – few more people showing up. Store changed their banner to 3GS now.

6:06am – 4 here now.

6:00am – Mediacom guy here in line with us. Manager is here now too. Raining harder.


5:19am – thunder and lightning have joined us and @JMCato is here with treats.

5:09am – very light rain, parking lot lights came on, got umbrella, packed away computer and camera.

4:57am – One of our writers, @jmcato, will be here shortly. No rain yet. Should be able to start streaming around 6:30ish.

4:34am – Police stopped by. Guess the “Security Guard” was getting nervous. Says store doesn’t open until 10am.


4:03am – Birds are starting to chirp, traffic picking up a little, storm’s getting closer.


3:12am – moved outside, officially first in line. Also officially only one in line.


2:20am – Looks like it might start raining/storming right as the store opens. I haz umbrella.


1:51am – Friend just left, now it’s just me and the security guard. Getting tired.

12:39am – Not a lot of activity. Lost connection and had to reboot…

12:07am – Just a clarification here. I’m waiting in line because I was supposed to pay $499 for a 16GB so I didn’t preorder. Then I found out I can get the 16GB for $299. I was already planning on coming to AT&T with a friend early in the morning so I thought I would come early to guarantee an iPhone.

11:43pm – So, I went to my grandparent’s to borrow their AT&T USB connection card and then got some gas and now I’m sitting at the AT&T store. There was no one here when I got here, although there was someone inside. I’m pretty convinced it’s a security guard. He’s a little older, never seen him in the store before, and he’s wearing blue dress pants… I’m guessing with all the iPhones in the store, they hired a guard for the night. He’s come and peaked out the door a couple times but mostly he’s just sitting at the computer.


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  1. Nice. Can’t wait to see all the action!

    • Time like this I miss Zibri.
      I know it is free but we have been let down by the Dev Team.

      Let call a spade a spade. They should not have release a video on the 16th saying the unlock too was coming out on the 17th.

    • Yeah we all miss that crook. Who’s been giving us all the tools to JB the iPhone? Not a thief you call Zibri. Funny he never was able to produce anything since FW 2.0.

    • It was a joke.

  2. From what I remember of sitting outside that Ankeny store last year, it was very boring. :) Going to Apple at lunch tomorrow to get it.

  3. You should be tethering instead of using a USB connection

  4. hey broo is there alot of people there at this time

  5. You will have to let us know how good it is when you get yours. I should be getting one in the next couple of weeks. Don’t know wheter to wait until it’s jailbroken though. Probably not :P

  6. I can’t sleep I’m so excited about this! :)

  7. hey are you going to video tape.. it.? email me calichecalidosojr@gmail.com

  8. ahahaha

  9. Man I can’t wait myself to get my hands on that phone…:}

  10. Haha the cops? Some security guard.

  11. Aren’t they suppose to open @ 7am today?

  12. Good luck, I got up at 6:30am this morning to get to the main Apple store in London, got there at 7:30 and was about 100th in line but the weather’s great here. I was in the store by 7:50 and had two 3GSs in my hand by 8:45am (London time).

    Not sure I’d spend all night in line but I guess I did gamble a little by getting there 30 minutes before the store opened. I colleague stood in line from 8:30am ’til 11 outside an O2 store in London but most of the queues have gone now and Apple and O2 seem to have plenty of stock.

    I’m waiting for the hack now as I really don’t want to have to move to O2, I’ve always used Vodafone (UK network) on my old iPhone, O2 are far more expensive for data.

    Good luck!

    Twitter: @jtdavies

  13. I’m nice a cozy in bed.. Almost 7 here in Georgia. My iphone status from my online order says “shipped”… Ahhh… I’ll just relax today and watch for FedEx :-)

    • You should’ve preordered with the Apple store and got up and went at got it around 6:30. All the Apple Stores had over 800+ in stock and I got mine in 20 mins. 16gb White. What a great day!

    • I was fine waiting.. I got to sleep in, play some ps3, eat leftovers, walk the dog, and just be very unproductive.. FedEx delivered it to me about 3pm est.. It’s all good.

  14. Prakash Chauhan says

    you are genius….

  15. woohoo i got mine after queing an hour outside the o2 store.its far more impressive than i thought although i dont recon much to voice control

  16. oranges2 says

    I was informed by my local rep that they would open 7am to preorders, and 10am for normal customers.

    However, if they get through all the preorders who are in line, they’ll let everyone else in.

    I’m not sure if this is how it will happen elsewhere.

  17. iPhoneMan says

    LOL….this is fun!! :)
    Why don’t you use http://www.coveritlive.com/

    It’s free! and would be more fun to read!

  18. I would bet the “standing in line” experience is much more rewarding at an Apple store. Though, we have done that before, so I guess it was time to try the AT&T experience.

    • I had an awesome time at the apple store last year waiting for 8 hours. I drove by an At&t store about an hour ago and it was empty……

    • Yeah, I think that is probably the case in many areas….more people at Apple stores than AT&T stores. Apple really plays it up too. Food, Drinks, Clapping! It’s a fun experience.

  19. Sucks for you, buddy. All i did was walk in and got in line, and I now am at home with my 3GS as of 8:00 am. HAH.

  20. Woooowww…. What a long wait Doug…. It will be all worth it thou

  21. Got mine in 45 min of waiting..AT&T store in Marietta GA on Barrett Pkwy

  22. This nice site and you do not own a connection card for you laptop? And you had to borrow your grandparents card… :D LOL

  23. Looks like we also get percentage for the battery, go to general>usage>the there’s an option for percentage.

  24. Got my iphone this morning arrived at 7:30am had iphone 3gs in hand and out the door by 8:15am. I was lucky, hope everyone else is too.

  25. Well got mine today. Took just a little over an hour which was not bad. The interesting thing was people who did NOT pre-order got theirs faster.

  26. I ordered mine online and it was here at my desk at work by 9am. :-)

  27. Over here at Florida, Miami it was the same thing get up at 5am, see some apple rep show you how to use mobile me. Drink cafe, eat a muffin and enjoy the rest of the day with you iPhone 3G S. But pre-orders get in first ( I’m so lucky I pre-ordered it ) and the line has still been there since 5am-4pm


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