Waiting in Line for the iPhone 3GS [liveblog]

aisThe following is my experience waiting in line for the iPhone 3GS. I will be live streaming video later once we get closer to opening (7:00am CT) (didn’t live stream due to rain)

9:07am – Doug has his new iPhone 3GS which he says “Rocks!” Seemed like a painless process and MUCH faster than last year and the iPhone 3G. He is headed home to sync. :)

8:52am – Hi, this is Brooke. I have been instructed to update Doug’s post for him. They let him into the AT&T store early (before the 10:00am time mentioned previously) so, he is currently in the process of getting his new iPhone 3GS. I have a feeling there will not be any video this time around like there has been in the past. It didn’t work out this time. But, Doug should have info about his new iPhone 3GS soon. YAY! [Read more…]