iTunnel 3D Lite – Coming Soon to the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## About two months ago, Doug wrote about an application called iTunnel3D. He liked the game so much that he said it was right up there with his favorite game FieldRunners. It seems that the developers are finally ready to launch the app in the App Store. They recently submitted a lite version of the game called iTunnel 3D Lite to Apple. I was able to get my hands on a demo of it and it is totally sweet! They will also be submitting a full version of the app called iTunnel 3D Classic. Below are the features of both the lite and the full version of the app.

Tilt your device to slide along the tunnel!
Try to avoid collisions of moving obstacles and be the first on the global leaderboard!
Slow down if you want but don’t forget: You fight against the TIME!

– true reality of gravity sensors
– over 100 animated obstacles
– 3 different tunnels
– 3 different soundtracks (or try it with your favorite music)
– lots of sound effects
– local and global scoring
– amazing 3D graphics, lights, fog, shininess, …

Recommended for fans of Missile Game 3D!

Get prepared for the upcoming full version which will contain:
– track editor
– multiplayer mode
– anaglyph graphics with 3D glasses
– YouTube-like track browser
– 30+ prepared tracks
– several items to collect

There is no info yet on how much the full version of iTunnel 3D will cost however, I suspect it will not be too high because you will be able to purchase additional extensions separately…that way you can decide how much you want to spend! You will definitely want to keep your eye out for this one! It is a very well developed, challenging and addicting game. Trust me, you will enjoy it! Hopefully Apple has it out soon. Below are some screenshots of the Lite version.


Video Demo

Pre-Release Version of iTunnel 3D

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  1. Tornroot says

    :D finally, been waiting for this for quite a while now!

  2. Where did you get the demo from? It looks a pretty cool game.

  3. Yablonsky says

    This looks VERY cool….I remember a game similar to this on the Commodore where you ride a Magic Carpet through tunnels….sorta…they were more like diamonds and such floating in the air…but it gets harder and harder to stay in the more you move….so the more you move, the more the tunnel moves.

    Downloading this one now…

  4. Yablonsky says

    Hey Brooke….Whats the chance you can get your developer friend to share? We like it and it’s only the lite version….he can share a beta copy….I already know how to do the beta thing since I’ve been beta testing Warfare Inc….

  5. Wow!
    Oh, my..really cool, can’t wait to get it. nice graphics. seen the video on youtube, seems very addictive.
    When are they realsing it exactly?