Run Pee Mobile – A “Must Have” For Any Moviegoer

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Run Pee Mobile I was sitting in our office last night and Doug starts telling me about this application called RunPee. I was like; “Oh great, what is that going to be about.” When he finished reading the description I seriously laughed out load…what a great app!

“RunPee is a must have app for every moviegoer with a bladder. Run Pee tells you which points in a movie you can safely “run” and “pee’ without missing a hugely important plot point.”

Yep, that’s right, it tells you the times in the movie that you can take a restroom break or hit-up the concession stand without missing anything important in the movie! The app lists all the movies that are currently in the theater (listed by Title or Date). In the main movie list, you get the movie’s title, the date it was released and the running time. From that list, you can then choose a specific movie…this is where it gets good!

Once you select a movie, you will get a list of exact times in the movie in which you can “take a break.” Not only that but, it gives you a cue from the movie so that you know exactly when you can get up, tells you how long your break can be before you miss something important and even gives you a summary of what you missed while you are gone! Seriously sweet. It will also tell you if there are any extra scenes after the credits so that you can stick around to catch them or head out as soon as the movie is over.

Another cool feature is the timer. If you select the timer button in the upper right corner when the movie starts, you can keep track of how far you are into the movie and thus how long you have before you can take your poddy break. If you are 30 minutes into the movie and realize that you forget to start the timer, no problem, just select the timer button and then the adjust the time to start at 30 minutes.

If all that isn’t enough they are even working on an update that will have a feature that allows your iPhone to vibrate a few minutes before each PeeTime. :)

Overall, a very cool application that is perfect for anyone with a bladder…or popcorn addicts. For $0.99 you cannot go wrong!

The Run Pee Mobile iPhone app is based off the website and if you are amused by this app as much as I am, you might want to head over to the website and check out their RunPee t-shirts!



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  1. Yablonsky says

    This sounds pretty interesting….I usually have a problem with getting a LARGE coke and drinking it way too fast….thus causing me to have to RunPee.


  2. First, they discourage phone use, then texting, now RunPee. Don’t know about you but I can’t stand that bright light from some dude checking his phone during a dark movie, freaking annoying.

  3. LOL.

    How is a 3 inch screen compare to a huge screen with loud sound going to annoy someone,pay attention to the reason why your there,not what someone else is doing.

    Cool App anyhow.

  4. You know, if someone pays attention they can use this app without opening it during the film. I’m sure lots of people will but until the iPhone has a butt-head detector built in there’s not much we can do. :)

    I really hope that the vibrate mode in the first update will help people use the app without opening it during a film. If I ever see someone using it during a film I’ll be sure to throw popcorn at them!

  5. Even if someone did open the app during the movie, the developer (who wrote the comment above…Hi mister developer!) was smart enough to make the background of the app black. So, it really wouldn’t be that bad if someone opened up the app during the movie….especially if their brightness is down. Though, I do agree with the developer, you can check out the “PeeTimes” before the movie starts and you can catch up on what you missed before you get back into the theater after your break.

    Overall, I still love this app! I could have used this when I was pregnant!!

  6. See the thing is, if you do this on the oppening wkend of a new movie in a large theater and say 1 in 5 have an iphone with this ‘nice app’, then your settting your self up for a serious movie walk-out, instant lines @ concession stand and the bathrooms. So now you have an instant wait when using this app.

    If only there was an app that worked like RunPee, yet, avoided the peek wait times !?!