Friday Night Movie Night: Qik for iPhone 3GS

youtubeThis is a sweet video that shows the future features of Qik for the iPhone 3GS. What’s even sweeter are the accessories they are using with the iPhone. Check out the end of the clip for that.

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  1. Awesome! C’mon AT&T, join the modern era and empower people to broadcast on the go using Qik, without jailbreaking.

    I’d by the rig in the video in a heartbeat. Looks incredible.

    Now all we need is an app that will allow true editing of video–combining clips, simple transitions, text titling.

  2. Harold Smith says

    Thanks for such encouraging feedback. Please email any suggestions to and i will certainly let you know asap when our first set is ready!

  3. alex_dlc says

    fridaynight movie night should be one post not 3

  4. I really want qik on the 3GS i had it before on the 3G and it was great i dont want to jailbreak my 3GS just to get qik, but if ATT and Apple leave me no option then im just going to have go to the dark side of apple once again !!

    Exelent new improvments on this app, needs higher rate video and i hope the new camera attachment is available soon and afordable !

  5. Thanks for posting this. I’m using qik on the iPhone 3Gs already but now I really want the attachment. :)

  6. QIK not working on Iphone 3.0.1 when you click the icon the splashscreen shows up then goes black, then back to springboard