iTunnel 3D Lite – Now Available in the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## iTunnel 3D Lite is now available in the App Store. We have been keeping you up-to-date on this app for awhile now and I’m happy to tell you that you can finally download it!! This is definitely a must-have app! It is a well designed, challenging and highly addictive tunnel game. Not only that but the Lite version is free…nothing to lose! Check out the description and demo video below.

Note: Be sure to check out all the settings for the game in the stock Settings application under iTunnel 3D

iTunnel 3D Lite

Tilt your device to slide along the tunnels!
Try to avoid collisions with moving obstacles and be the first on the global leaderboard!
Slow down if you want but don’t forget: You fight against the TIME!

– true reality of gravity sensors
– over 100 animated obstacles
– 3 different tunnels
– 3 different soundtracks (or try it with your favorite music)
– lots of sound effects
– local and global scoring
– amazing 3D graphics, lights, fog, shininess, …

Recommended for fans of Missile Game 3D!

Get prepared for the upcoming full version which will contain:
– track editor
– multiplayer mode
– anaglyph graphics with 3D glasses
– YouTube-like track browser
– 30+ prepared tracks
– several items to collect

Demo Video (pre-release video)

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  1. Yablonsky says

    Downloading now….Awesome that they came out with the free version first.

  2. alan flowerman says

    GREAT GAME guys!!!
    If this is the lite version, get the good one out there and I’ll pay for it. Can i beta test for you PLEASE

  3. alan flowerman says

    Hi Peter.
    So I know I gotta work hard to find your email but I keep going round and around looking for your mail address. If you are feeling kind mine is alanflowermac(at) If you want me to work for it I’ll get back in your website
    alan f UK

  4. nice! AIS is a sponsor of the game.