BossPaper (a wallpaper application) – Sneak Peek

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

BossPaper BossPaper, a wallpaper application, is still in the testing phase however, I decided I would give those of you who prefer not to beta test a sneak peak at what the app looks like. I’m not going to do a full review of the application because it is not ready for release yet. Once it is done being tested and is released in the main BigBoss source, I will do a full review of the app.

BossPaper is an application that gives the user control over their wallpaper. In the app, you are able to choose a folder in which your wallpaper images are pulled from. You are able to install BossPaper wallpaper packs or you can choose any folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch in which you would like the images pulled from. This gives the user full ability to choose their wallpaper.

Another feature is the ability to choose the transitions between your wallpapers. You are able to choose one transition style or multiple styles. You are also able to choose the direction of the transition.

The app also includes a Timer feature. This feature allows the user to choose how long they would like the wallpaper to stay on the SpringBoard before changing to the next wallpaper… this ranges anywhere from seconds to hours. You are also able to set the transition length.

A few other random features of the application include the ability to turn on/off icon labels and dock icon labels, the ability to choose dock styles and the ability to choose how dim you would like the wallpaper.

There are still a few bugs and additional features that are being worked on at the moment but, once it is finished this is going to be a must-have application for sure! We will let you know as soon as it is available in the main source.


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  1. What is the theme that you’re using there? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on this site before, but searching through the themes tag, I cannot find it.

    I know that this question comes up a lot. Perhaps when you’re reviewing an app/utility and you have a theme, you can say what theme you’re using at the end of the post.

  2. Yablonsky says

    I’ve been using the BossPaper app for 2 days now and no problems so far…..Just wish it had the ability to select just one pic from your camera roll or several pics…not just all of them. It also needs bigger sliders for the time intervals and how long to display…they are so small you can’t even see the slider around your fingers…LOL

    Maybe I just need smaller fingers.

  3. BigBoss rules!

    Out Winterboard, in Bosspaper!