BossPaper 1.0 Released… No Longer Beta

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

BossPaper BossPaper, a wallpaper applications, is now out of beta and has been released in the main BigBoss source. BossPaper is a dynamic wallpaper application that gives the user full control over their wallpaper.

When enabled, wallpaper allows you to choose a solid color wallpaper, a single image wallpaper or the ability to rotate through multiple images. Wallpapers can be chosen from any folder on your iPhone or iPod touch. They can quickly be added from a BossPaper wallpaper pack (installed seperately in Cydia), from your Camera Roll, from your stock Wallpaper section, you can choose a wallpaper that is in a theme in WinterBoard or, you can browse the folders on your device and choose any image.

BossPaper allows you to choose the transitions you would like between multiple wallpapers. You can choose one or multiple transitions. You can get a preview of the transition by tapping on it. You can also choose the Transition Direction (Right, Left, Up, Down and Random).

You can set the wallpaper to a time which allows you to control the Transition Interval and Transition Length of the wallpapers. The transition interval (the amount of time the wallpaper is displayed before changing to the next one) can be set for seconds, minutes or hours and the transition length (how long it takes the wallpaper to transition to the next image) can be set from 0.25 to 3.00 seconds. You can also turn a Random option which will randomly choose the order of your wallpapers.

A few other options include the ability to turn on/off the dock and undocked icon labels, the ability to choose from a list of dock images and the ability to adjust the dim level of the wallpaper (the lower the number, the darker the wallpaper).

Overall, a very sweet application that you will most definitely want to install!!


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  2. Are you using this? If so, two questions…

    1) does this also control the lockscreen image? If not is that a separate image through settigns?

    2) can you select photos from a folder synced with iTunes? My wallpapers are all in a folder synced with iTunes and the beta would not work with that folder.

    • It does not currently change the lockscreen wallpaper though, that is something BigBoss is looking into.

      As for the synced folder, I’m not sure. I do not have any synced folders on the iPhone I am testing this app on. If you find out, let us know!

    • 2) The app doesnt not show synced folders. I have a synced folder just for my wall papers, but currently im not able to add them. thx

  3. Steve Thompson says

    Bye bye winterboard for me!

  4. what about cycling lock screen wall papers?

    • BigBoss says he is looking into adding a lockscreen wallpaper option. No info yet on if it will be a feature we will see in the near future or not.

  5. How u get transparent icons on the second last picture? Thanks.

  6. This is great! I still use winterboard for other mods (sounds, battery images, etc.). BossPaper is beautiful for wallpapers. The transitions are great.

    It seems to break Reflective Dock.

    I put a folder of images in /private/var/mobile/media/bosspaper and, sure enough, they showed up in the Select Folder area. You cannot select images in the Photos app except if they are in the camera roll, which they probably won;t be for long.


  7. Aaron Hickman says

    Yes, what theme are you using for the icons?

    • Reveal… I’m pretty sure it is via the iSpazio source. HERE is an icon template in case you want to create your own icons… it’s super easy.

  8. theiphonerocks says

    for those of us with static wallpaper themes, where it is set to use the lock screen wallpaper as the main wallpaper, is this necessary?

    • You could just turn on the “User Wallpaper” option in Cydia.

      Or, in BossPaper, you can go into the Individual Pictures option and select the image that you use on your Lockscreen (make sure you do not have any folders selected in the Folders option). That will give you a static image on your SpringBoard.

  9. Yes!! A custom wallpaper was the only reason why I installed summerboard (yeah way back then!) and I hated the effort it put my phone through.

    Finally an app for this purpose only! Thank you VERY much! :D

  10. It slows the phone down a bit especially when it’s a transition. Any lag on 3GS phone?

  11. Thanks for the info on this. I had been using a nice wallpaper changer through Winterboard called Abstract which cycles 24 different wallpapers every hour. It was HTML and Java-based. Recently I discovered a conflict between Abstract and the app PhotoForge. PhotoForge would not display the lower menu, which made using the app useless.

    Now with BossPaper, I can still use my custom 24 wallpapers, have them change every hour (or any other time frame I want) and get the bonus of transitions. All of this while decreasing my CPU usage and battery life.

    @Adrian: I am on a 3GS and do not experience any lag. In fact, I think there is less lag when displaying the wallpapers.

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