WinterBoard Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Today, WinterBoard was updated to version 0.9.2993-1. The new version of the application does not contain any visual changes but, it does fix a few things. Check out the change log below.

0.9.2993-1 Change Log:
– Emoji Keyboard Missing Keys
– 3.x SMSBackground.* Upgrade
– Remapped SMS Bundle Name



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  1. I like the sound of that upgrade. Time to get to work.

  2. sarita anand says

    where can i find the winterboard update??

  3. I am currently using version 0.9.2796. I do not see any upgrade available. Also, when I look at the version that is available it is the same one I am already using, 0.9.2796. Where is version 0.9.2993-1 located?

    • I found it on my Springboard. There was a number 1 next to the Cydia icon. When I went to Cydia the 1 was under changes. Then I clicked update…

  4. I have been getting a error in cydia “bzip2 error returned”. When I searched to find out what it meant and said some repos That aren’t updated in cydia, it doesn’t sound like a big problem coz when I go to changes and refresh sources it still works. Also I had about 4 x that put me into safe mode. Has any1 had any problems? Thanks.

  5. All of a sudden I now have a wallpaper on my SMS screen that coincides with the One Ring Theme. Awesome. Didn’t even realize it until after I did the update from Cydia for Winterboard. By the way; One Ring Theme is the most complete out there, and I don’t even watch the movies.

  6. I am beginning to wonder if you must have OS 3.0 before you see this update. Anyone know? I am using 2.2.1.

  7. Im on 3.0 and I didnt get a notice for a update….time will tee

  8. Porsche911928 says

    Does this upgrade fix the the keyboard issue.

  9. Porsche911928 says

    Geez, lets fix this already

  10. Michael Sabuero says

    Is there a source for this that i can use with Cyder because i don’t have Wifi and Cyder is the only way i can get the apps


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