TomTom Car Kit Demo Video

TomTom About a week ago, TomTom’s App Store application was approved and became available in the App Store. In the review, I also mentioned that TomTom would be releasing a Car Kit for the iPhone. The car kit is still not available on the website but, they did release a demo video for the kit. Check it out below.

“The TomTom car kit that offers secure docking, enhanced GPS performance, clear voice instructions and hands-free calling, while charging your iPhone at the same time.”

Demo Video:

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  1. wondering if that works for ipod touch, too.

    do they have a price for the european market? im very interested :)

  2. Ummm did anybody else notice the T-Mobile carrier logo when they first turn on the phone in the beginning of the video? Hahaha hilarious!

  3. I’m anxious to find out what the cost will be buying the dock and software together -OR- if they’ll even offer a combo price. I can’t see paying much more than $150 total.
    Otherwise I’ll just live with my standalone TomTom which has bluetooth handsfree builtin. It would be however be the ultimate convergance IMHO to have the iPod, iPhone and GPS working in “harmony”.

  4. Iphonejunky says

    Two questions… 1. What do you think this thing will cost..the app is already $100!!

    2. Will this be comparable with other navigation apps??

  5. Does anyone know if this software comes with Real Time Traffic? Without it and that price will be a no go for me in Southern Cali

  6. Apparently this will allow ipod touches to work with the tomtom app too… Something to do with a built in gps chip, which acts as the gps for an ipod, or a signal enhancer for the iphone gps.

  7. I have TomTom and CoPilot on my phone and I prefer CoPilot by far. Without even considering the price of each app, I would choose CoPilot. The user-interface is much more friendly and the points of interest (POIs) as you’re traveling around seem to show up more accurately on CoPilot (even with all of them selected in TomTom’s settings). The only advantage I’ve found with TomTom is the number of languages available. There are a lot, but since I only speak English, Arabic, and a little Spanish, it doesn’t matter to me (both have English and Spanish and neither have Arabic).

    The pricing for these two apps is another story. TomTom is making us pay for the name. It is well known and therefore they think they can charge whatever they want. CoPilot is $65 cheaper! If it were more well known I think it would easily be more popular than TomTom.

    For those wondering about using this on the iPod Touch, you’d need to have Wi-Fi available. The government needs to implement city, state, and/or nation-wide Wi-Fi.

    • One more feature that CoPilot has and TomTom doesn’t is the ability for the screen to rotate when using the application. I like to keep my phone in the cup-holder of my car when I drive and I put it upside-down so the speaker faces up allowing me to hear sounds better. CoPilot will rotate so that the screen is still right-side-up, but TomTom doesn’t.

    • It doesn’t work on the iPod Touch 2G because there’s no GPS on it (just like with the original iPhone). It will install on the original iPhone and iPod Touch, but CoPilot will not. Not sure why that is.


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