TriviaBurst – Feature-Filled Trivia Application

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TriviaBurst TriviaBurst is a very cool trivia game that allows for mulitplayer/group play, contains a larger database of questions and provides the user with the ability to submit their own trivia questions.

The game play of TriviaBurst is excellent. Currently you are able to choose from three categories; Entertainment, General Knowledge and Sports as well as twelve subcategories; Auto Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Celebrities, Football, Golf, Hockey, Movies, Music, Soccer, TV and Tennis.

Once you are in the game, you are given a question and four answers in which you have 30 seconds to answer. If you get the question wrong, it will display the correct answer in green. After each question, you have the ability to give the question a star rating (1-5 stars) and then continue to the next question. After all the questions have been answered, it will display a summary of how you did.

The game contains a nice amount a settings including; four difficulty levels (Easy, Med, Hard and Random), the ability to choose the number of questions per game (5, 10, 25 or 50), the ability to turn the music and notifiers on or off and the ability to add a picture to your profile.

As previously mentioned, the game does allow you to challenge another player as well as create and challenge other groups. In order to do so, you will need to know the player/group name.

Another cool feature is the ability to submit questions. Submitting questions is a quick and easy process. Once you enter the question and the answers, you are then able to choose which difficulty level and category the questions belongs in.

The Top Scores feature is also well designed. You can view top scores for; All Players, All Groups, My Groups, Player Challenges and Group Challenges. You can also search for a specific group or player and view their info.

Overall, TriviaBurst is an extremely well designed trivia game that has enough features to keep you coming back for more.



App Store Description:

TriviaBurst combines the love of trivia with the heat of competition. Form groups, challenge your friends, and even submit your own trivia questions in this unique online trivia game featuring over 5500+ questions across multiple categories.

No charge for additional categories or questions. You get all the questions in the game plus all the new ones that are constantly added by our user base.

TriviaBurst is the first trivia game on the App Store that allows you to compete against your friends and family for top scores.

Answer harder questions for more points and climb to the top of the in-game leader boards. Submit your own questions and have other players see your picture right in game!

Brag to the world by automatically posting your scores on your Facebook ™ page. The message center will let you know when your friends have beaten your score and it’s time to play!


– Over 5500+ questions with three levels of difficulty across multiple categories.
– Ability to submit your own questions to test others with your trivia knowledge.
– Challenge groups or friends to see who can score more points.
– Earn more points for harder questions as well as how quickly you answer.
– Browse the scores of other people and groups using the in-game leader boards.


1. Entertainment
2. General Knowledge
3. Sports


– Auto Racing
– Baseball
– Basketball
– Celebrities
– Football
– Golf
– Hockey
– Movies
– Music
– TV
– Tennis


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  1. A friend of mine told me about this game and I decided to give it a try. I must say it’s one addictive game. The questions are solid and the game play is flawless. The graphics are super nice. One thing to add which would be nice is the ability for me to play my own tunes from my collection, otherwise is an excellent trivia game.

  2. I started playing this game last week, and haven’t put it down yet. I love the challenge part of the game. Right now I’m getting people at my work to form groups and so that we can challenge each other.

    I love this game! Great Job! It is by far the best trivia game for the iPhone.

  3. We’re the developers of triviaburst and wanted to comment on this post that we have lowered the price of the game to .99 cents.