Thieves Break into Apple Store – Video

Apple At 2:00 in the morning, five guys broke into the Marlton, New Jersey Apple Store and in 31 seconds flat they leave with 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPod touches.

It was definitely a well organized robbery… they are crazy fast. You can watch the security video below.

Anyone with tips on the identity of the masked bandits is being asked to call police at 856-983-1118 or the confidential tip line at 856-988-4699.

See full article HERE.

Video Demo:

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  1. That was fast! I didnt know apple stores had security guards at night… or is it just in some areas? Anyways according to my math… it was over $40,000 worth of stolen merchandise, maybe more that depends on what kinda of mac pros were..
    anyways, OWNED.

    • I know seriously… they were so fast! It made me flinch to watch all those MacBook Pros being thrown on top of each other like that… so sad.

      PS. I’m pretty sure the Apple store in my area doesn’t have it’s own security guard but, it is in a mall and I’m sure the mall has a few.

  2. They might show up on eBay in a couple of days, knowing how stupid some thieves are!!

  3. lol that was quick… even tho i love apple…they had it coming…bad economy and their prices are high as heck…wat can i say who wouldnt want to steal all those apple made shiny pieces of metal that is only made out of one sheet of aluminum and a cell phone with horrible service and an ipod that gets scratched really easily lol..

    disclaimer…i love apple and have my own mbp and dont think ima hater

  4. Not a good idea to steal an iPhone. They will be located once activated or turned on.

  5. News has it that 2 of these thieves were caught via the mobile me or gps tracking system when they used the iPhones. (Marvin Brown (25) and Christopher Davis (22))

    Apple better start closing their stores with metal gates. Apparently glass is not enough.