RC Heli – Indoor Racing – Video Review

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RC Heli Below is a video review of RC Heli – Indoor Racing, a very cool game in which you fly an RC Helicopter around a nicely designed 3D house.

The game contains two game play modes; Free Flight or Race. The Race mode has 6 tracks… four of which have to be unlocked. You also have the ability to choose between three different camera angles. The game contains both local and global high scores. Once you have completed a race you have the option to send your time to Twitter and Facebook. Check out our video review below!

$0.99 is just an introductory price, after this week-end, it will go up to $2.99. So, you might want to pick this one up while it is a few dollars cheaper. For even more info, check out http://www.rcheli-sim.com.

Note: You will want to turn your iPhone or iPod touch off and then back on after the game has finished installing.

RC Heli


App Store Description:

$.99 SALE for LAUNCH WEEKEND ONLY! If you dig, please help spread the word. Regular price $2.99.

Fly your Heli through the house as fast as you can! RC Heli is a fast and furious 3-D indoor racing helicopter game. Compare high scores with friends on Global Leaderboards and Facebook and Twitter.

The Race is On: Hunt down all the gold coins on each track. One is by the TV, the next is in the sink and the next is in the shower. Watch out for fans. They will blow your heli waaay off course.

Test your racing skills on 6 progressively challenging tracks. Qualify on one track to unlock the next.

Compete with your friends by posting scores to the Local and Global Leader-boards. Brag about your latest and greatest time by posting your score on your Twitter or Facebook feed.

There is a full hands-on tutorial so you can learn the basics of Radio Control Heli flying on your way to becoming a full winged pilot.

Jump right in to the Race Mode or practice your Chopper maneuvering in Free Flight Mode.

Three Camera Views:
1) Follow Heli (Behind Heli like 3rd person_
2) Fixsed: This is for Real Heli pros. Fixed position flys heli from fixed position in room (like the real thing).
3) Cokcpit View: Race through the house looking out the window of the Heli (1st person view).
Switch your view at the beginning or mid-game.

For Best Performance: Turn your device off and then on again after installing app.

Developer Demo Video:

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  1. This is a pretty cool game. Once I get the hang of controlling the helicopter that is :P

  2. This is a good game! Do the practice race until you can do it around 30-40 secs, then you know you understand the controls.

    It is a good mix of a “game” and a “sim”.

  3. Hey all,

    Thank you for the positive review and nice feedback. We are already working on a 4 CH Heli as a free upgrade for current users. We’ll let you know when it is submitted to Apple for Approval on the RC Heli microsite. http://www.rcheli-sim.com




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