Cydia Update – 1.0.3030-62

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Cydia Cydia was updated to version 1.0.3030-62. The update does add one cool new feature. There are now little green check marks next to the titled of apps you have installed on your iPhone or iPod touch. This is nice because when you search for something specific, you can see what you already have installed without opening the package info. Let me know in the comments if you notice anything else with the update.


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  1. Also noticed that if a source fails to refresh, Cydia now pops up a dialog telling you that it failed to refresh, gives you the exact address, and says that it either ignored it or used an old copy.

  2. it seemed that cydia creates now the ECID files by it´s own

    that is writen on the first line on my iPhone.
    “this iphone 3G[S] has an ECID SHSH on file”

    greetings from germany

  3. diggin’ the simple cydia update!

  4. it seemed that cydia creates now the ECID files by it´s own

    that is writen on the first line on my iPhone.
    “this iphone 3G[S] has an ECID SHSH on file”

    greetings from germany

    what is this???

  5. Fantastic news on the ECID creation.

    ? Are the files uploaded ‘somewhere’ safe on the Cydia server, or do we need to copy them off the device before updating ?

  6. Saurik stated that the files are saved on his server and that he’s working with the dev team on some universal hack or something

  7. Cydia gives no info on this. can someone find out what happens when Cydia creates the ECID files and were it is stored???

  8. they are automatically stored on sauriks server.
    the files are for the jailbreak devs to create a public hack, if apple patch this hole in the future.

    just a rumor i’ve heard

  9. Steffan Long says

    Refreshing sources now has error reporting when the fetch of a file failed.

  10. i accidentaly said no to to the ECID. now i wont show up again. how do i get it back?

  11. I am almost feeling like it’s a slight invasion of privacy. Do they know everything you have installed on your iphone??? Why checkmarks on things we have installed, when we know anyways. Maybe this is the step towards making it easier to jailbreak when there are fm updates from apple. Like a cookie on sauriks server.

    • Oh cmon!, What invasion of privacy!?, the apps that are installed on your device ARE NOT SENT to any place, the checkmarks only SHOW you which ones are installed, so that you visually notice, its just a new feature, nothing wrong with it.

    • They are the ones that do ALL OF THIS for free (well now they charge some dlls,but its mostly free) so that we THE USERS that dont know krap about what is going on dont messup . They are on our side so calm down buddy :-)

  12. The first time I opened Cydia after installing the update I was given a message about not taking the steps to ensure my 3G S would always be jailbreakable. It gave me the option to allow Cydia to do it for me and I said yes and now it says my device “has a pending TSS request.” I hope it works so I can continue to have an iPhone with all its potential, instead of a stock iPhone that isn’t really worth having.

    Okay, just a few minutes later it says my iPhone “has an ECID SHSH on file.” Thanks Saurik!

  13. Hm. I also chose the ‘no’ option (was hoping it would reveal more information) – and now I can’t get the yes option back again. Anyone know how?

  14. Hi, I’ve installed the updated version of Cydia in my iphone 3G, it rebooted itself and since then i am unable to launch Cydia from the springboard. Is there any reported errors? I am rather reluctant to ‘reformat’ my iphone again…. pls advise? thanks

    • Kayvan Sylvan says

      Use ssh to get onto the device and “apt-get clean” and “apt-get update” and cydia will probably work.

    • Hi thanks, I don’t know how to use ssh and get on to cydia, do you know of any websites I can visit to know more? Thanks

    • Hello, this crashing has also happened to me. How do I fix Cydia so that I can access it from the springboard? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Hi, Its the first time I have come across the whole 3Gs ECID thing.
    Cydia tells me I have a copy on file. Should I still manually backup with ECIS & iBEC/iBSS grabber?

  16. As said previously, it seems the corresponding file(s) is/are sent to saurik’s server.

  17. Pour ceux qui ont cliqué “non” et qui veulent dire “oui” au message de saurik pour sauver les infos ibss/ibec, il faut aller cliquer sur le mot “developing” en bas de la page principale. C’est le lien “secret” :-)


  18. I have no idea why I wrote in french. For those who said “no” where they wanted to say “yes” to saurik’s message to save the ibec/ibss information, you just have to click on the word “developing” at the very bottom on the main page. It is the “secret” link :-)

    • I’ve tried what you suggested, it doesnt work, if i put my finger on developing longer, it just pops up javascript with option “open” or “cancel”. I pressed open nothing happens

      JB 3G [S] 3.0.1

      please help?


    • You just have to push once on the link (do not leave your finger on it)

    • “You just have to push once on the link (do not leave your finger on it”

      Well I’ve just tried again pushing the link once… still no luck :((

  19. I dont know if its worth taking a 2nd backup to keep myself, but it means “formatting” the phone.

    I cant find any official info on it?

  20. Pardon if I don’t know this. But what is ECID SHSH??

    Can any1 advise me please?

    Many Thanks!

  21. Hi, I selected the yes option for the Cydia upgrade/ECID, (Of course I trust Saurik, he the man) and phone/Cydia is fine. But for some unknown reason I started having problems with Icy yesterday before the Cydia update. I open the app but it just closes. So I deleted via Cydia and even Cydelte and reinstalled it and it still isn’t working. Does anyone else have this same problem and know how to repair? Thanks.

  22. I have two issues:

    1) When I upgraded Cydia I selected the “Complete Upgrade” and never saw any options for the ECID option. Is there a way to get to it?

    2) After upgrading, the Cydia icon is stuck on my springboard even though the application is in my “Apps” folder using Categories. No matter how many times I respring, it never leaves my springboard. Any ideas?


  23. Same here didn’t get any ECID option. How do I get that?

  24. is any body else getting this

  25. I also noticed that it loads up faster and removed bug where it crashes on reloading data after installing something

  26. Is anyone else having trouble with Cydia today? Both myself and my coworker are experiencing “Network Error” “Unable to Load (timed out)”. I hadn’t used mine since last night, but he had been actively downloading from Cydia as little as 30 mins. ago.

  27. Cydia is not working to on my Iphone 3GS (3.0) giving me Network Error” “Unable to Load (timed out)”.

  28. i dont know if it was messed up but its working on my ipod touch 2nd gen running 3.0

  29. It is Back online now!

  30. can someone tell me if the update is OK to install on an iPhone 3g, as the software is coming up saying that an update is available.

    Would also like to know if the update is OK to install and everything will be still OK on the iPhone, (there is no major changes that will take place, e.g. the phone will not be jailbroken again, or it will not be unlocked any more).