Genius Recommendations for Apps – Overview

Genius for Apps Genius Recommendations for Applications is a new feature of the 3.1 firmware. This feature makes recommendations for new apps based on the apps you already own. It will give you a list of recommended apps and why they have recommended them.

Once you have updated your device, you can go into the App Store application and then the Featured option on the lower menu bar. Once in the Featured option, there will be a new tab at the top of the page titled Genius (it is located next to New and What’s Hot).

The first time you open the Genius feature you will have to set it up. First you must choose the “Turn On Genius” option. You are then greeted with some Terms and Conditions lingo that you must agree to (twice). Once you have successfully turned on Genius for Apps, it will begin to load recommended applications.

I tested this feature on my son’s iPhone and it actually did pretty well. It recommended 15 applications (with the option to see more recommendations) that were very similar to the ones he plays most often. I also like that on each recommendation, it displays which installed application the recommendation is based off. You can also swipe and remove a recommendation from the list.

I couldn’t really determine any sort of order for the recommendations, they seemed pretty random. This feature is available for both the iPhone and the iPod touch on 3.1

Overall, a very handy new feature that could make the black hole of applications in the App Store a little less overwhelming and a little more manageable.


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