BossPaper Update – New “Under WinterBoard” Option (Updated)

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BossPaper BossPaper, an application that allows you to control your wallpaper, was updated to version 1.1. The update adds a new Under WinterBoard option. This option allows you to put your background underneath a WinterBoard background.

1.1 Change Log:
Added ability to inject underneath winterboard background rather than on top of it. This is useful for those that want to run a date / time widget or other javascript winterboard widget with bosspaper. Read the details in the in app help on this feature. If you enable this and have any winterboard theme with any background, you will see that background instead of bosspaper.

BigBoss has added a post to his website about the BossPaper update. Here is what it says.

BossPaper v1.1 is released. The main addition is the ability to select whether or not you want BossPaper to be on top of or underneath your winterboard background.

BossPaper v1.0 overlays over winterboard. This means if you have a javascript date / time widget you want to run, you cant it will be covered up by bosspaper. This also has some benefits though for example, you can run a theme with one image and icons then use bosspaper to rotate backgrounds.

BossPaper v1.1 defaults to the same mode as BossPaper 1.0 where the wallpaper image is on top of winterboard. But it has a new switch called “Under Winterboard” where when “ON” the BossPaper wallpaper will be rendered underneath winterboard backgrounds. This lets you have a date / time widget or some other interesting javascript widget in winterboard while using bosspaper to rotate images. (Some theme makers have requested this).

I have explained this in the apps help and covered various scenarios. Those that understand winterboard really well can also make a transparent 320×480 png image and move it to the top of winterboard. Then put bosspaper below winterboard and winterboard will always show the blank wallpaper but behind that you’ll see bosspaper running. This would allow you to run themes that have both icons and backgrounds but have the background be ignored. I did not include a transparent 320×480 theme but I may release one as an addon if it is required and does not confuse people.

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  1. is that possible how did that happen

  2. Is there anywhere to get help for BossPaper? I can’t get it to find any of my synchronized photo albums. I hate how the iPhone forces you to put everything in “Camera Roll,” and I don’t want to clutter it with wallpaper or photos of contacts, so I created my own folders before synchronization. Unfortunately, BossPaper doesn’t find any of these folders – and furthermore, finds the system Wallpaper folder even though it doesn’t exist per iPhone “photos.”

    • You need to make a folder and put all your selected photos in there. Then SSH into your iPhone/iTouch and put it into your winterboard folder (var/stash/themes/). Exit out after doing that then click your BossPaper app. Go to folders or Individual Pictures, click Winterboard, then select the folder you’ve added. Hope this helps. Cheers!