iChromo Announces Aera – Flight Simulator

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

##ICON_NAME## Aera is casual flight simulator that everyone will enjoy. It introduces a unique mix of side-scroller and flight simulator. The game as contains many play modes including; Campaign, QuickGame and Missions.

There are three types of missions; solo/aerobatic, dogfight and race. As you progresss in the Campaign mode, you unlock new planes and advance to new locations which can then be used in the QuickGame mode. Additionally, there is a FreeFlight mode which allows you to relax and just enjoy your plane and the view. Each mission you play can be watched afterwards in KINO (playback mode) – you can pause, rotate camera to look at different angles, fast-forward, etc. The game also contains a step-by-step tutorial and three difficulty levels.

Aera has been submitted to the App Store and should be available in the next week or so. Check out the video demo and screenshots below.

Demo Video:


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  1. Looks cool can’t wait..I hate the lengthiness of apples aproval.. we see cool games and it’s weeks before apple releases them.. Argggg

  2. That’s strange!! An update is usually a lengthy process.. How did it upgrade without you knowing???..

  3. Wow…that’s just crazy.. Wish I had a crazy updating gremlin in my phone… Lol..

  4. They will.. Doug just posted on his Twitter that he is finishing an article on mms for us less fortunate souls.. But give it a few.. They are good with replies!!

  5. I actually just called AT&T and thy said that they are doing a slow rollout of mms rather than everyone calling on the 25th and asking why their mms isn’t working. Then they congradulated me on being one of the first people to have mms on the iPhone 3G.
    Doug or Brooke please stop ignoring me and actually write back I want to hear your honest opinions.