Dev-Team Addresses PwnageTool 3.1 Jailbreak Issues

##ICON_NAME## The Dev-Team has added a few updates to their firmware 3.1 Jailbreak post. The updates address a few issues people are having with the PwnageTool 3.1 jailbreak. Check out the updates below.

Remember, PwnageTool is the jailbreak that is Mac compatible. Also, PwnageTool 3.1 only works on the 1st gen iPod touch, 1st gen iPhone (iPhone 2G) and the iPhone 3G. We are still waiting for a jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS, the 2nd gen iPod touch and the 3th gen iPod touch as well as a version of the jailbreak that is PC compatible (the PC compatible version of the jailbreak is called redsn0w).

Update 2: Unlocked users on the 3G will probably notice that the name and/or logo of their carrier is missing, but they still have full bars and a signal. So far this seems to be purely a cosmetic issue and it doesn’t impact your signal or coverage. We hope to have this issue “fixed” when we release the 3GS compatible version of PwnageTool. This is very likely tied to Update #3…

Update 3: As of 3.1, the *.ipcc carrier bundles are signed, and you can no longer force tethering capability simply by crafting your own bundle. The good news is this obstacle can probably be overcome by virtue of the jailbreak. But so far that extra hack is not part of the PwnageTool custom IPSW creation.

See full article HERE.

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  1. What’s funny is that my 3G isn’t unlocked and my carrier logo isn’t there.

  2. So i have a PC and a 3G.. I need to download redsn0w to jailbreak??

  3. my 3G has never been unlocked and after the jailbreak i had no signal or carrier name… restoring my phone now, hopefully it works

  4. If you do it in expert and uncheck activate. and make everything else normal it should give you your carrier tag back .

  5. help me!!!!!! i did the jail brake and everything works good except for one major thing… sim card contacts were wiped out!!!!! how do i get them. i did everything right and no where in all my reading did it say to take out sim card when doing. i sure hope i didnt screw something up. if your in the u.s. text me it will be faster than me checkin my email all the time. my number is 5745750878. thanks

    • just synk to iTunes and right click on your iphone or ipod Touch name and you will see previous back ups and click on one of them.
      you probably clicked on “new” and it didnt copy all of your stuff………

  6. jordan ferguson says

    i downloaded a custom firmware and than used the ih8t3snowdayz thing and jailbroke my iphone 3g 3.1

  7. I jailbroke my iphome 1st get everything went well but now i have loading circles on all the apps i go into and then close out of and the wont go away. Also winterboard does have any effect on the phone, No matter what i choose to do it doesnt change the phone…I am using jailbreak 3.1