Backgrounder Update – New Features

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Backgrounder, a mod that allows applications to run in the background, has been updated to version svn.r295. The update redesigns the application’s settings, adds a few new features as well as contains a bug fix (see full change log below).

One new feature is the ability to turn off the badge icon for applications that are not backgrounded by the Backgrounder app itself. This would be applications that run in the background without the need for Backgrounder such as Phone, Mail, Safari, iPod… etc. You can turn this option off in under the Global option in the application.

Another new feature is the ability to choose how you would like to toggle backgrounder. In the past it has always been toggled on (and off) using the Home Button, you can now choose to toggle the app using the Home Button, Power Button or None (which would be used with external toggles).

You will also notice that in the change log, it indicates that the location of the badge has been moved. I’m assuming this is referring to the file location of the badge since the badge itself has not changed location. You can get Backgrounder via the BigBoss source.

svn.r295 Change Log:
– Two new invocation methods; holds power button, and none (for Kirikae, etc.)
– Added option to not show badges on apps not backgrounded by backgrounder
– Fixed bug that caused blacklist to be ignored when called externally (e.g. via Kirkiae)
– Note: location of image used for badge has changed


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  1. after i update the backgrounder, i entered into safe mode, i think it crashed with one of the app in cydia…..
    Return to normal after uninstall, hope it will fix in the next update
    can’t use backgrounder now:(

  2. Brooke,

    What theme are you using in these pictures? It looks nice!

  3. it seems the latest update takes away the ability to use the illumine themed backgrounder (red line) badge. Does anyone know if illumine backgrounder will be updated?

    • I think whatever method the developer used to move the Backgrounder badge icon caused all the apps in Cydia that theme the badge to no longer be supported. We will have to wait for the developers of those themes to update their packages. I too am a user of the Illumine backgrounder badge icon as well as the full theme itself.

    • The developer changed the location of the badge file… which means, as toNYc311 said, all the previous themes will have to be updated in order to work properly.

    • Hey Jake!
      As we already know the new location of the badge.png is not now is but for some reason is not working on all badges, unless you change it manually not using winterboard. We should have an update on backgrounder very soon to fix this, then I’ll update Illumine backgrounder badge to work with this new backgrounder version.

      Keep checking on macthemes or until the update appears on cydia.

      Thanks for using it!

  4. This update to svn.r295 caused my phone to go into Safe Mode, so I had to remove it. Does anyone know where to get the version just prior to this one? I think is was svn.r261. I looked here:
    ,but the most recent version listed is svn.r249 which doesn’t have the auto enable functions.

  5. what’s the theme that is used in those pics

  6. stavokai: It’s ILLUMINE

    Where were those icon files moved to anyway? None of the badge altering themes wrk, and the backgrounder badge doesn’t look too good on my theme.

  7. i3GS –

    Was an update to the ILLUMINE backgrounder badge ever released? I don’t recall seeing an update on Cydia or any websites. Just wondering. Jake