TomTom Releases Offical Price of TomTom Car Kit

##ICON_NAME## We have been keeping you up-to-date on the TomTom Car Kit since it was first announced (which was only a month ago but wow, does it seem like a lot longer than that!). Today TomTom has released the “real” price of the car kit. It seems that the incorrect pricing information was put on the Application’s App Store page so, they have released a press statement with the correct details (see full press statement below). The Car Kit will cost £99.99 (not including the TomTom application).

What I find interesting is that the statement says that the car kit will be compatible with the 2G iPhone. This is interesting because the TomTom applications can only be installed on an iPhone 3G and 3GS. I am also interested to know if they will still have a package deal that will include the Car Kit and the TomTom app at a discounted price… say $150.00 for both.

The statement does say that the Car Kit is still planning to be released in October, a delay from it’s original release date of “sometime this summer.”

Press Statement:

TomTom unveils the price of the TomTom car kit for the iPhone

London, 24 September 2009 – TomTom announces today that the TomTom car kit for the iPhone will have a recommended retail price of £99.99

The TomTom car kit will be available this October and will be sold separately from the TomTom app. It will be compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.

All further details on the car kit will be made available soon.

Original article HERE.


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  1. i rather buy navigon app which is cheaper then tomtom and may spend $15 for regular mount from ebay. Tomtom u really suck .

  2. It’s a little pricey, but for a bit less I would buy the kit just to keep my phone on the car. I have a cheaper solution for now, but this is better. That’s probably why they say it’s compatible with other phones – it’s just a nice way to charge and be able to see your phone while you drive.

    Personally, I prefer to use a “real” gps in the car. The iphone does not feel reliable enough – although I have used other phone gps apps in the past. They don’t quiet compare to a dedicated unit.

  3. That too much… $99 for app and $99 for kit. I don’t think its worth $198. I used navigon, tomtom and Sygic. I think navigon is a lot better then TomTOM. I kind of disappointed in TomTom…. too much hype!!

    • Spencer Thomas says

      I also think TOMTOM is not the best out there. I am a Navigon fan. They are only selling the app for TOMTOM built on the name.

  4. What a waste of money. I’ll just continue to use my cupholder instead of paying $100.

  5. I agree with Todd.. Navigon is way better.. Tomtom seems to find my gps location faster but the UI is way better.. And navigon tells you the street name not just “turn rght ahead”.. Navigon plans on releasing their own car kit as well.. I think I’ll wait for that.. Tomtom #fail!!

  6. 1st Place – Navigon
    2nd Place – CoPilot
    Distant 3rd – TomTom

  7. I have this in my suv. It works really well, but I don’t have mine mounted on the windshield.

  8. I have both apps. Before the text to voice update of Navigon, I thought the apps were fairly close. Navigon is better UI but TomTom provides more info on screen. Now Navigon is the clear winner.

    $99 for a holder is rediculous on top of the $99 app price. I have a $20 windshield mount that improved the gps signal a lot compared to the cupholder area. You really just need to place it where the window is for better reception. No need for an extra GPS chip on the dock.

  9. Just to make people aware, the tom tom car kit is supplied with the TomTom application with the map of your choosing.

    see link – information above is incorrect

    • The f.a.q seems to also say that they will be sold separately. Where did you see that it said the car kit is supplied with the TomTom application?

    • The link I’ve supplied in the previous post states that the car kit will be supplied with maps – although I do agree Tom Tom need to supplied it without the software for those who have already purchased the software…

    • I think only map and not car kit. The link didn’t mention anything about free App with car kit. Just map with App.

  10. I think that if you combine the cost + 2G + “Better GPS” the result can only mean one thing. This is NOT just a standard mount. The “large” hockey puck stuck to the windshield is IT’S OWN GPS Receiver … thus not not using the internal GPS of the iPhone.

    Just my guess however.


  11. Yes, separate (ie. faster, more accurate, etc.) GPS receiver; probably worth the $

  12. I have a 2g Iphone and I have the TomTom application loaded on it just fine. The app loaded and works just fine. However, since I don’t have GPS it cannot find any locations or do any routing. I just wanted to let Brooke know that her statement “This is interesting because the TomTom applications can only be installed on an iPhone 3G and 3GS.” was not entirely correct. It can be “loaded ” on a 2g phone , it just cannot do any routing. I would guess that the Car Kit could provide the GPS. Just a Guess…

    • If 2G can use GPS from car kit then that would be great, but I still don’t think it’s worth $198. Maybe tomtom will give discount if purchase both…. 50% off car kit.

  13. What a joke! says

    Hmmm. Spend £99 for car kit plus £60 on the app. Or £120 on an actual tomtom. What a dilemma!!


    what a rip off. Was expecting this really.