Sneak Peak of the TomTom Car Kit

TomTom Car Kit The TomTom Car Kit will be available this month but, it seems that someone has got their hands on it early. Below is a the “unboxing” video.

Yes, the video has no sound!

TomTom unveils the price of the TomTom car kit for the iPhone

London, 24 September 2009 – TomTom announces today that the TomTom car kit for the iPhone will have a recommended retail price of £99.99

The TomTom car kit will be available this October and will be sold separately from the TomTom app. It will be compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.

All further details on the car kit will be made available soon.

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  1. I am itching to get my hands on this … but I am not happy at the 99 quid price tag as it doesn’t include the app. You can buy a tomtom one for less.

  2. Maybe I missed something, but how does it work on the 2G phones?

  3. At that price point, this better be a killer product. From what I read Navigator does a good job and for people like me who maybe use turn by turn once per month CoPilot is a cheaper (and probably better) option.

  4. iChoppryde says

    Tooo expsenive no way that’s worth a hundred bucks ya I will wait for someone to make a knock off!