SMS Helper Update – Redesigned

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## SMS Helper, an mod that counts the number of characters as you type a text messages, was update to version 0.2. The update does make some changes to the mod.

The counter has been slightly redesigned and implemented a little differently. The counter is still located on the Send button however, the numbers seem to be bigger, brighter and clearer and it now displays how many characters are left until you reach 160 and how many times you have gone past 160 (example 47/2 = 47 characters until you have reached 160 characters twice which would send in two text messages).

Also, when you stop typing the counter now flips over to the Send button. It does seem to flip over a little too quickly but, I still like the feature. If you go over 160 characters the counter/send button turns red (though, it did do that in the last version of the app). Overall, a nice update to the application.

Remember, most devices (carriers) allow a text message of 160 characters before the message is split into two texts.


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  1. and it counts on more when you use special characters like á,ó,í,ú,ű,ő