Expose Changed to Orbit and Submitted to Cydia Store

##ICON_NAME## A few days ago, we told you about Expose, an application that is similar to Spaces on the Mac only on the iPhone. The developer, Steven Troughton-Smith (who also developed Stack), has changed the title of the mod Expose to Orbit. Orbit has been submitted to the Cydia store and should show up soon in the next few days. No info on how much the app will cost but, I’m guessing it will be worth it. For demo videos of the mod, check out THIS post.


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  1. I can’t wait until this is released! :)

  2. MaverickC17 says

    This looks great!

  3. DudeOnFire says

    Which repo is it going to be released on?

  4. mriphone114 says

    available in modmyi repo

  5. three60guy says

    Got it this morning at 5am. $1.99 at Cydia. Just search for Orbit. This works fantastic. A must have.


  6. This is similar to the TapSB hack that was talked about early in the year. I hoped to that come true, but didn’t. This is excellent. I tried Categories, then looked at Pogo Plank. Both well done and I really like the look of Pogo Plank, but they are both, IMHO, far to labor intensive. I have given up on themes with icons. Too much trouble.

    This is simple, and requires no fussing! It has a place in my dock. A couple suggestions:

    Home button should dismiss back to where I was.
    How about some zoom functionality where I could tap and hold to view a page then select or not.
    Page titles?

    Unlike some others I think the black background, especially behind the pages, needs to stay. This stuff is pretty small to see already.

    Thanks for this wonderful utility.

  7. I been using these app for couple of days now and it’s keep crashing on me. I got safemode so many time that I have to remove. After remove everything back to normal.

    Do anyone using Orbit have any issue?

    I like the app, but it’s crash so many time… just better off not using it.