Developer of Stack and Orbit Now Developing Multi-Tasking App

##ICON_NAME## Steven Troughton-Smith, the developer of both Stack and Orbit, is now in the process of developing a new multi-tasking application. According to Troughton-Smith, the app basically adds a GUI to what the Backgrounder application already does. There is not a ton of info about the app however, he did post a screenshot and it looks pretty cool.


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  1. I can’t wait for this. The “Orbit” app is like the best thing that happened to the iPhone, but this might top that. maybe. ;x I can’t wait for this release .

  2. The iPhone just keeps getting beter and better

  3. This seems cool although I think it would work best on the 3GS and itouch 3rd gen only because of the more memory it has

  4. there is a patch around that forces the iphone/ipod to use the flash memory for quick read/write access. only downside it it can kill your memory. but using it means you can have upto 15 apps offically backgrounded and still have 50-60mb free ram.

  5. Steven Troughton-Smith says

    A *wee* bit ahead of yourselves :-P Didn’t say I was developing an app. Nothing to see here, move along

  6. TheReal007 says

    @ Steve – press forward brother! The app looks like a keeper. Orbit is AWESOME work!

  7. You should make it more like the application “cards” in the palm pre!

  8. Cool. I hope he ends up with a variation of the Palm Pre card metaphor. Completely graphical and gesture based.

  9. Yes keep going at developing, the iphone is becoming so so much better, i will be purchasing the orbit app. I use backgrounder as well, its awesome too.

  10. Allow me to show off what I’ve been making: .. should be done by the end of the week.

  11. Joseprofet says

    That looks incredible, finally a way to switch apps without exiting ur current app… Will the app icons have the background like in the screenshots? Or just the icon in the middle

  12. Where can i donload this

  13. Where can i download this


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