Orbit – User Statistics, One Week After Launch

##ICON_NAME## Yesterday Steve Troughton-Smith, the developer of Orbit, posted an article on his blog that reveals the user statistics of Orbit a week after it was released. It includes some pretty interesting information.

Just one week after it’s released, Orbit has nearly 50,000 users (keep in mind that the app costs $1.99 in Cydia… not too bad). He then gives a detailed break-down of the statistics of the 45,254 users. Below are the charts.



You can check out the full article HERE.

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  1. I must be the .01 on the 3Gs graph. :)

  2. TheReal007 says

    Goes to show you, if you develop some thing practical and useful, $$ can be made.

  3. I am part of the chart. Orbit is very useful and painless. Other attempts (e.g. Categories, PogoPlank) have been too much trouble for me to use. Looking forward to updates.

  4. i find pogoplank rather easy. only thing i dont like about it is the badges are missing.

  5. im glad other money is being spent on apps not sold in the app store….it makes me sick how much jack i drop on useless crap there….some pretty good but lots of crap…..

    everything i bought from the cyd store is good stuff…BZ to devs like Mr Smith, and Mr. Freeman for being reactive to the needs of the customer….inbetween all the counting of well spent dollars from their end user