MotionDrum – Get Your Air Drumming On

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MotionDrum MotionDrum is a pretty cool drum simulator. The thing that makes this application unique is how you play the drums. Instead of just tapping buttons on the screen, the applications takes advantage of the built-in accelerometer. You are able to easily play four percussion instruments by moving your iPhone up, down, left and right.

The app contains 40 different instruments to choose from ranging from three different bass drums options to a shaker to a three different varieties of a Tom. The set-up process is quick and easy… just choose which instrument you would like for each of the four motions (down, up, left and right) then select the volume and the sensitivity for each motion.

You can also turn on (and adjust the volume) of a Hit-Hat to help you keep a rhythm at a tempo of your choice.

Once everything is set-up… let the air drumming begin. You will want to be sure to hold your iPhone in the correct position (see screenshots or demo video). It took me a few tries to get the hang of it and to get everything adjusted (the different sensitivities and volumes) to what worked best for me but, it was totally worth it… that app is seriously fun to play!

Another great feature is that you can choose music from your iPod and play along with it.

Overall, the application doesn’t have knock-you-off-your-feet graphics but, the sound quality is good and it is totally fun to play! The $0.99 price tag is an introductory half-price sale so you might want to pick it up while it is still cheap.


Video Demo:


App Store Description:

There are many apps that let you drum by tapping the screen, but does that make you feel like you’re really drumming? Wouldn’t you rather have an app that lets you drum like a pro while giving you that authentic air drumming feel?

Enter Motion Drum — the drum simulator that lets you drum by simply waving your iPhone or iPod Touch in the air. No tiny buttons to tap; just take your device in hand and air drum in one of four different directions.

You can choose from a multitude of drum and percussion sounds, as well as sound effects and beat box samples. Use it at parties, concerts, or anywhere else that serious air drumming is required!

– Hold your device as shown in the pictures on the main screen.
– To make drum sounds, snap the device up, down, left, or right.
– Tap the name of the drum to bring up the drum selection screen. Choose from over 45 drum samples!
– Adjust the volume and sensitivity of each drum, and find the perfect settings for you.
– Turn on the Auto Hi-Hat to get a solid rhythm at the tempo of your choice.
– Load up music from your iPod, and jam along to your favorite tunes.

* Motion Drum reacts differently based on the way you swing and how you position the device in your hand. As such, you should spend some time tweaking the sensitivity of each direction, and find the settings that are right for you.

First, you should focus on playing a simple rhythm with the bass and snare drums. Once you are able to get a good beat going, try mixing the rhythm up and adding new sounds.

(Note: planning NYARO is not responsible for any injuries or damage cause by swinging your iPhone around in the air!)

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  2. This app is awesome. Get your air drumming on is a funny slogan too. I feel this app will do very well.