GeoHot Does It! – blacksn0w Unlock Demo Video

##ICON_NAME## GeoHot has done it! He has successfully unlocked the 05.11.07 baseband (let’s hope he gets his $10,000!). The unlock is titled blacksn0w.

The unlock works on both the iPhone 3G and 3GS and will unlock to any carrier. It is estimated to be released on November 4th and sounds like it will be installed via the blackra1n jailbreak. Check out the demo video below.

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  1. This of course begs the question. Where is the Dev-Team. I’ve always suspected that they have this stuff, but have a release date agenda. Remember how fast their 3Gs 3.1.2 jailbreak arrived after GeoHot released his. Coincidence?

  2. what about iphone 2g? we still exist =(

    • AFAIK 2g does not have baseband 05.11.07, so all versions of it are already unlockable by current tools.

  3. EYEPHONE-Genuis says

    I new this was going to happened even after all the BS they were saying about loosing the unlock if you upgrade to 3.1.2 . Remember this everyone! Whatever apple’s engineers do to the baseband or firmware can be undone(reverse) that’s why I have no worries about what anyone post in websites about jailbreaking or unlocking. Apple needs people like geogot as their engineer if anything is to be accomplished in the hacking community…

    • Kim Kardash says

      It’ll hurt us if Geohot signs up with Apple as an engineer or whatever, but another genius will step up to the challenge sooner or later. For now we can thank him for what he’s doing to those unofficial customers and for the jailbreaking community ;)

  4. What? Having GeoHot as an Apple engineer would hurt us and help Apple, wouldn’t it?

  5. So is this the one?

  6. what about iphone 2g? can i jailbreak and unlock the 2g on firmware 3.1?

  7. Here is a complete tutorial on how to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 using blackra1n and unlock via Blacksn0w