GeoHot Releasing blacksn0w Today

##ICON_NAME## GeoHot will be releasing the blacksn0w unlock today (Novemeber 3rd) instead of the projected release date of November 4th. This is due to the fact that the testing of blacksn0w is going “great.” We will keep an eye out for it. Below is a screenshot of the blacksn0w unlock.

“to clarify, the sn0wday was moved up a day, due to testing going great…not 11/4/09, now 11/3/09”



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  1. Kim Kardash says

    Woohoo! Can’t wait. :)

  2. This what I call freedom! THANK YOU!

  3. how do i get it

  4. i get it guys thanks

  5. Well it is fast. When I put a “foreign” sim card in the name of my carrier continues to appear in the upper left and there is no service. So it doesn’t tell me there’s a bad sim card in the phone. it just doesn’t function. Service returns when I put my normal sim card back in.

  6. geohot you are the real hero for iphone users Geo Hot rocks

  7. Any idea on How to get tethering? Rebooted phone after blacksnow and nothing.

  8. AT&T blocked it as a feature in the US and ever since 3.1 was released tethering was near impossible on a 3gs due to baseband

    • I’m in Canada. No problem tethering here from day one. I do it every day to upload MP3 files that I record as a reporter for a news service.