Multiflow – Multitasking Application – Now Available in Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99  

##ICON_NAME## A few days ago, we told you about Multiflow… a multitasking application. It seems the app is now available in Cydia for a “hefty” price tag of $4.99.

Multiflow is a multitasking interface which displays applications that are running and allows you to scroll left and right between them for quick switching. It also includes a snapshot of each of the backgrounded applications. Runs with backgrounder (you can background application by holding the home button).

– Double tap Home button to open Multiflow
– Snapshot of each backgrounded application for easy selection of apps.
– Very small and concrete code – uses very little RAM and CPU

Like I mentioned in my previous post about Multiflow… it basically puts a GUI on the Backgrounder utility. You can get Multiflow via the modmyi source. Below are a couple demo videos.


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  1. I downloaded the trial of this via Rock, and reviewed in the comments on Gizmodo (I don’t think I did here) but the general idea is to wait on this one.

    Unless there are substantial improvements in the Cydia version that weren’t present in the Rock one (ability to close apps, cleaned up UI, smaller memory footprint, not crashing on invocation with no apps backgrounded, etc.) this isn’t worth paying $.99 for over the free alternative.

  2. It does what Kirikae can do, but with more neat feature!

    did anyone notice any different in the use of memory between the two?

  3. It goes into safe mode each time I double click the home button!!

    • Don’t double click the Home button (or invoke Backgrounder) WHILE the app is loading. Let it finish loading first.

  4. How slow would this be/ how few apps would I be able to run on a first gen touch with this?

  5. Same here. Always Safe Mode…

  6. it works well for me. i dunno if i miss kirikae more as it uninstalled that to install this. using it i can say i dont like how it only allows me to double tap exclusively to use it. i solely used double tap for my ipod feature. it still works ironocally though. it works when i quadruple tap lol.

    anyway it works like a dream. no slow down at all. just takes a little getting used to. it depends how i feel about using this over kirikae. i will use it over the course of a week and see if i wanna keep it. i did use kirikae’s features a lot. i rarely used the favorites feature even though i had a lot of apps faved. but multitouch seems basically to be a GUI version of kirikae. the only thing that annoys me so far is the double tapping exclusivity.

  7. This is the first app I’ve ever bought from the Cydia store. So far it hasn’t crashed once, I’ve tested it with five apps running Mail, Notepad, Facebook, IM+, and my photo album. Everything is super speedy and ready to use when I select it. This should be a standard feature, the iPhone can clearly handle it. If Apple is worried about people using too much RAM and crashing the phone they could even prevent that last app from opening when RAM is scarce.

  8. Wow, 4.99 seems a bit much, amirite?

    From the reviews I’ve seen, it’s far less functional than Kirakae, which is free. Maybe if he drops the price to .99 and adds some more features I’ll buy it.

  9. Oh shiznit… looks like a fellow Georgia Tech student created this. I’m gonna hunt down this sucker and tell him to lower the price in person.

  10. Excuse me for my ignorance. But where is the Cydia web site? I have been looking through Google but cannot find it. Do I need a jail break iPhone to run any of Cydia apps? Thanks.

  11. I paid for it. Now I regret. It does the same job as kirikae. It could look nice if you could really use multiple app with that. BUT YOU CAN’T! Why? because of memory leak! If I’m using multiflow – i’ve got 5 mb ram free!!! I uninstalled it and installed kirikae again – and now 35! So where is this new cool functionality? If you have 3GS maybe it is not a problem. But 2G,3G, ipod touch, etc. – it is waste of money at this moment.

  12. it should be able to kill an app using the gui, maybe a x button on the flow gui.????

  13. Kirikae works just as well. Multiflow is way too expensive as a switcher.