Aqua Forest 2 Available in App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

Aqua Forest 2 Aqua Forest 2, by Hudson Software, recently hit the App Store. It is a sequel to the first Aqua Forest game which is one of Doug’s favorite games.

Aqua Forest 2 contains two modes; Puzzle and Endless. The object of Aqua Forest 2 is to navigate water droplets. Honestly, I’m exactly sure why it is called Aqua Forest 2… it doesn’t look to be very similar to the original Aqua Forest game. You can pick up Aqua Forest 2 for $4.99 (the original Aqua Forest remains at it’s original launch price of $7.99).

Aqua Forest 2


App Store Description:

The sequel to the unique and popular puzzle game “AQUA FOREST” is here!

This game challenges you to guide a drop of water from start to finish across a variety of beautiful photorealistic levels, including leaves, mossy rocks, flower petals, and more. Simply tilt your phone to make the water move, thanks to the technology of the “OctaveEngine™ Casual” 2D multi-physics engine.

・”Puzzle” Mode
In Puzzle Mode, your goal is to guide as much water as possible to the finish. There are 50 stages in total, with

several types of stages, including ones where you must gather multiple water
drops or ones that require you to split water drops. Try to get 100% of the water to the goal, without spilling even the tiniest drop!

・”Endless” mode
In this mode, complete as many levels as possible before you run out of water. However much water you save at the end of one stage is how much you begin with in the next stage. See just how far you can get, and check your Top 10 scores to see how well you’ve done so far.
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  1. “Honestly, I’m exactly sure why it is called Aqua Forest 2…”

    -Wouldn’t this be “I’m not exactly sure”? :P (sorry to be picky)

    Plus I loved Aquaforest 1 (first app I bought!) and to be honest this doens’t look like it will be as good as the original, though still looks rather good.


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