Flickr 1.1 Update Adds Two Major Features

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FlickrThe official Flickr app has always been a let down for me. It’s missing some major features and made the app useless. There are still some features I’d like to see but I’ll post them at the end of this article. The new update adds two major features that should have always been there but props to the developer for finally getting them in there and for overall great UI design.

One of the new features now lets you upload more than one photo or video at a time. Although it’s a nice feature, the way it’s designed is not intuitive. You tap upload, select 1 picture, then it loads a screen to add info to that picture. To add another, tap “Add Item” and it brings you back to the camera roll. What’s annoying is if you are loading 10 picture from about 20 pictures ago, you have to do this for each one and have to scroll up each time because it loads at the bottom of the camera roll. Once you get them in, you can tap on each picture to edit the individual pictures info.

IMG_0285 IMG_0291 Uploading 1 of 2

The other new feature allows you to edit already uploaded pictures. This is nice although you can only edit Title, Description, Tags, and Sets. Again, major problems here. When I upload pictures from my iPhone, the portrait ones show up as landscape and there is no setting to rotate them. It also doesn’t keep my geotag. It does allow you to use your current location as the geotag, but I’m not in the same place so it’s kinda pointless. It should pull the location from the exif data of the picture. Finally, it only loads about 20 of my sets when trying to select sets for the uploaded picture. I have many more and don’t have access to them as a choice.

IMG_0290 IMG_0289 IMG_0286

I also had the app crash on me once and not load my pictures from my account.


Again, this app has beautiful UI design but is lacking in usability. Once these things are fixed, it will be a great app. Got any features you think are missing? Here’s mine: groups; slideshow at beginning be of my pics, not my contacts or give me choice; pinch and zoom for full size image; & notes. Share yours in the comments!

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  1. Agree with all your points. It’s a shame that the official flickr app has so many glaring omissions.

    The BIGGEST for me at least is the omission of a way to view “Interestingness”. I love discovering new photos & photographers.

  2. I have this installed some time, but, I got bored of it, because every time I have to sig in, it launch the web browser, every time, why cant we sign in front the app it self?, that´s anoying