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AppleIn my previous article I talk about the new tablet from Apple and the possibility of it running App Store apps. Hypothetically speaking, if they do release a tablet and it does run apps from the App Store (regardless of what OS or variation of OS it’s running) would you want us to write reviews and cover news stories about it? Right now I am considering it but I want to know what the readers think. Let me know by voting below. Also let me know in the comments what you think.

Would you like us to cover the upcoming Apple Tablet?

  • Yes. (79%, 833 Votes)
  • No. (8%, 83 Votes)
  • Don't care. (13%, 141 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,056

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  1. Yeah I think it’s a good idea. I’ll be getting one if one comes out if you need a hand :)

  2. Not sure what the review or “news” stories would be. Are the apps going to be different somehow? Would you write 2 reviews or critiques for how an app runs on an iMac or MacBook? Will there be a difference for an app running on a tablet as opposed to running on the iphone or itunes. I think it’s overkill and not very newsworthy.

    • Basically I would cover accessories specific to the device. Also would add the perspective of apps as they run on the device but app reviews would be mostly the same. It would all be under one article. We would also cover features, tips, and updates to software that are specific to the device. And, of course, if it runs software like the iPhone, we’ll write guides on how to hack it.

  3. I think everyone, including engadget and TUAW needs to stop with this. We dont even know if there is an announcement for a tablet let alone when it will come out. Ask this again when the tablet comes out an people actually have something to form an opinion about.

    • I so totally agree, Edden. As you can see from my post above one of the great things about AIS is they’re scant with all the Apple rumors nor do they contributing to it a lot. Hence my objection to the Apple tablet mess (what was asked in the poll question wasn’t what was explained later by Douglas).

      It’s really annoying reading about what Apple “might” be thinking about as IF we know or can speak intelligently about it. The rumor mill has gotten to the point to where it’s just noise — for example the latest “news” that Apple might have a 8GB 3GS, who cares, there’s nothing newsworthy about that. If it’s released, it’s the same phone at a different price point. I fail to see the WOW factor in what amounts to vapor hardware.

      We get all this news about all the new products but rarely do we see what’s wrong behind the curtain and Apple’s forums are littered with newsworthy stories about problems and issues that Apple ignores for months. For example, only ONE site reported on how Apple broke iTunes with the update to 9.0 forcing many users, myself included to constantly put in passwords for simply updating apps that were already purchased. To date this is STILL broken — they fixed the prompt for updated apps, but I still have to input my password for new purchases even though I click each time “SAVE MY PASSWORD.” There’s also scant news about the swipe function magically disappearing from the “Magic Mouse.”

      While we all praise Apple’s forward thinking design and innovation, many of these sites overlook glaring omissions (worthy tidbits for reporting) or the “we’ll get to it when we damn well please attitude at Apple” when the company drops the ball. I tell ya as a PR guy, this stuff drives me nuts.

  4. Absolutely, I think AIS should cover the iTablet, or whatever it’s called when it comes out. AIS is the only site I know that answers the simple question: regardless of whether it comes from cydia or from the app store, what does what app do? More than that it keeps track of apps, upgrades etc. again from both sources. Having someone (with a reliable set of brains) who makes a job of testing, experimenting with whatever it is that has to do with the iTablet and perfectly summarizing all of it on this site, So I Don’t Have To! Yes sir! Please do.

    As to per whether it’s speculation or not is completely irrelevant to the subject at hand since if it doesn’t come out: end of story. If it does AIS is ready and positioned to take some lead in the race to be one of the very few sites that become a permanent and daily part of any iTablet freak. Who has ever made it to the top 5 sites on any given gizmo without a definite dose of speculation/anticipation/prediction/voodoo/whathaveyou?

    So Douglas, you go ahead and dive into the iTablet reporting thing hook line and sinker. I’ll bet you’ll get at least half as much traffic as you get from the iPhone.

    Secondly (Yep! All that was just the firstly part!), I have no use for an iTablet, I’m still buying one as soon as lines subside! I’m sure within a week I’ll be wondering how I ever lived without it! Isn’t life grand?

    My $0.02 worth.

  5. Not much happening on this site anymore. Maybe the Android blog is where it’s at.

  6. Yeah, wth. Facebook has an update with push notifications…. that’s kinda big news… hmmmm

    • Sorry guys, internet was not working but we got a new router so we’re good to go. I’m going to post about what’s going on at CES and the new Facebook app, which is working pretty crappy right now for some.

  7. whos going to jailbreak the tablet

  8. Thankss for articles

  9. Thankks for articles

  10. Hmmmm…i cant await the 27 of January….i hope there will be some other interesting things that apple presents. But the iSlate is that thing everybody is waiting for…like me ;-)



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