G5 Entertainment Releases Supermarket Management

Available In: App Store       Price: Free Lite Version or $2.99  

Supermarket Management G5 Entertainment, the developers of Supermarket Mania and Stand O’Food, have released a new application, Supermarket Management.

“Supermarket Management is a mile-a-minute time-management game, and follows Kate, a recent college graduate, as she builds her career in a grocery store. From keeping customers happy and shelves stocked, to hiring and supervising employees as a manager, Supermarket Management challenges players at every step. As Kate’s responsibilities increase from low-level tasks to managing multiple stores, Supermarket Management becomes more complex.

The fast-paced, addictive gameplay of Supermarket Management includes a wide variety of mini-games in addition to classic time-management action. Each store can be embellished with unique upgrades, and a huge variety of delicious foods are available to satisfy customers. Colorful graphics and a cheerful soundtrack provide players with a top-notch handheld gaming experience.”



Demo Video:

App Store Description:

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

Help Kate climb her way to the top and become Supermarket Manager! Fresh out of college, a job has fallen into Kate`s lap and now she needs your help to succeed. Keep your customers happy as you manage a supermarket in this mile-a-minute Time Management game. Purchase upgrades and hire co-workers to make your store run more efficiently and increase profits. Open new shops and make it to the top of the corporate ladder!

• Develop and run a series of grocery stores
• Follow Kate as she grows her career
• Enhance each store with unique upgrades
• Serve your customers a huge variety of scrumptious treats
• Enjoy colorful full-screen graphics and a stirring soundtrack

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