Friday Night Movie Night: Vertical Scrolling

Available In: Cydia       Price: Coming Soon  

YouTubeI’ve been hearing about this hack for a little while and, from what I can tell, it’s not in Cydia yet. Here’s a video preview of the hack which shows vertical scrolling on individual pages. Early jailbreakers will remember that vertical scrolling was the original way to fit more icons on the iPhone.

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  1. Come on! The Dev is chpwn. The tweak is called Infiniboard ( It should be in the Cydia Store soon. I hate it when people steal other peoples’ videos on the YouTubez and do not give credit!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! I don’t know if anyone remembers this. But iPhone 2G back in the old days lol with Installer used to have an app that did the exact same thing. I think it was Summerboard. I TOTALLY LOVED the vertical scrolling Springboard and have missed it since then. And now it looks like I will have it back. But not just one elongated scrolling Springboard. Looks like it will be per homescreen which just makes this even more fun. MAN I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I will definitely BUY that when it hits the Cydia store!!! WOW! Yes I am excited! SO?! :D

  3. your point? ;)

  4. Can’t wat for 4 come out.


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