iPhone Commercial – Family Travel

##ICON_NAME## Apple’s latest iPhone commercial, Family Travel, focuses on the iPhone’s ability in making “family travel” much more convenient.

“It’s unbelievable how much better family trips have gotten. Just last week I checked us in on the way to airport. Found the kids a snack near the gate. And even had their favorite movie ready to go. Then my husband turned to me and said, “Did we turn off the lights?” So we turned off the lights. And that’s why I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone.”

Apps shown in Ad:
Southwest Airlines (Free)
GateGuru (Free)
Schlage LiNK (Free, but requires compatible hardware and service plan)

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  1. Apple is using good marketing strategies to promote the iPhone.

    But it is not only because of the marketing strategies that Apple is selling the iPhone, but because of the features that iPhone have to offer.

    All in all, iPhone is truly a complete smart phone.