SBRotator Updated – Improved Performance and New Features

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

##ICON_NAME## SBRotator, a hack that allows your iPhone to rotate in all 4 possible orientations, was updated to version 1.2. The update makes a few improvements, fixes a decent amount of compatibility issues and adds quite a few new features (see below for full change log). The most noticeable change after the update is the improved performance. The hack is definitely faster and smoother.

In the Settings, you will find quite a few new features. In the basic features you now have the ability to choose from four Background Behaviors (Zoom, Crop, Stretch and Use Wide Theme), the ability to adjust the Animation Duration and the ability to choose between three Animation Themes. You can also choose to scale both the undocked and dock icons as well as hide the icon labels for both the undocked and docked icons.

One cool new feature is the implementation of a Taskbar Icon. You are now able to tap the taskbar icon (aka statusbar icon) to lock the rotation. For example, if you prefer the rotation to be wide (horizontal) you can just rotate your device and then tap the icon in the statusbar. Your icons will then be locked in that rotation and will not autorotate. Just tap the statusbar icon again to turn off the locked rotation.

Overall, a decent update. You can get SBRotator via the BigBoss source.

Version 1.2 Change Log:
● Improved performance (about 300%)
● Improved stability with several devices
● Fixed compatibility with Infinidock to 100%
● Fixed compatibility with Infiniboard (however, if Infiniboard is active, it causes some big lag while rotating)
● Fixed compatibility with FCSB, FiveIconDock
● Fixed compatibility with LockInfo HomeScreen (unless you also have infiniboard, which has a conflict itself)
● Fixed all keyboard bugs (Except for inverted flyouts)
● Fixed compatibility with Iconoclasm (all layouts should work, except free layout , avoid it)
● Fixed blurred icons in landscape

● Added compatibility for FiveIRows, iBlank, libhide, CategoriesSB, ProSwitcher
● Added themes for landscape backgrounds
● Added more customization options to Settings page
● Added taskbar icon for instant locking of rotation position
● Added animation themes
● Added animation duration selection (you can also disable animation)
● Added more sizing options
● Added stretch background option
● Added labels hide/show option


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  1. Iphonejunky says

    I just wish this would work with stacks..even if stacks doesn’t rotate I’d be cool with that..but I’m a heavy stacks user and this app just crashes if stacks is installed..maybe it will be compatible one day???

    • Knock on wood, I lost stacks but it hasn’t crashed(yet),., I’m really liking sbrotator. Here’s to hoping stacks will work with it & soon. Thanks again!

  2. I hate that it conflicts with the quickreply or quicksms function from iRealSMS. I heard the same applies for BiteSMS. As soon as you start typing, the keyboard disappears. Guess I’ll be waiting for another update…

  3. Love it; well not really love it, but love the expression on friends faces when I ask friends “can your iPhone do this?”

  4. Doesn’t work I try to rate it but it doesn’t rotate