Android Firmware Running on the iPhone [video]

GoogleI have been waiting for this for a while and actually forgot about it. Since Google Android is open source it makes it a little easier to install on the iPhone. Known in the hacking world as planetbeing, in the video he starts with the 1st Gen iPhone booted into the iPhone OS. Then after turning off and back on the iPhone, he shows how he hacked linux to dual boot and then load the Android software. A few things are a little weird, one being the fewer amount of buttons on the iPhone. In the video you see him make a call, receive a text and connect to wifi.



planetbeing Twitter account: (hasn’t tweeted since July 2009 except for today)
Linux on the iPhone Blog:
Blog post announcing Android on the iPhone
YouTube Video:

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  1. This could be good for owners of the 1st Gen iPhone when Apple screws them out of running the 4.0 OS.

  2. When does this drop for the 3Gs?

  3. The Digital Alchemist says

    ^ He said the it would be easy for the 3G, but the 3GS would take some more work.

  4. This raises a question I’ve had for some time. Why is there so little attention paid to the Google Android School, which you folks operate? It never seems to change.

  5. Can the Android run the iPhone OS? Anyway to get iPhone apps onto the Droid?

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