New Poll – Will you get the new iPhone 4?

AiS So, now that the new iPhone 4 has been officially announced… will you get it?? I’m sure Doug will be standing in line on June 24th like he is every year!! I, on the other hand, will once again get his hand-me-down. So wrong!

Will you get the new iPhone 4?

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  1. Yup, I’ll be there at the Apple store on launch. Gonna get a White one, dunno about 16 or 32 GB yet.

  2. 32 black for me. This phone is excellent. I look forward to jailbreaking it to test the video calling over 3g data. :)

  3. alan flowerman says

    My Wife says I can have one for my 50th Birthday.. 13 July..
    Ye Haaaaaaa

  4. JasonSmith says

    I think it’s a huge leap forward and in reality if it was a year sooner that would have been better. I am however kinda getting bored with the iPhone or specifically the OS, the novelty is starting to wear off and for my personality I need change. I’m currently holding out for an Android device, maybe the desire. If I choose to stick with the iPhone though I will for sure upgrade my 3GS to the 4.

  5. What about “No, thanks. I’m underwhelmed. I’m gonna get me my first Android phone and sell my 3GS or use it as a secondary phone till it breaks.”?

    • JasonSmith says

      I hear exactly what your saying. The iPhone IMO has just reached a new standard that was kinda created well over a year ago. If you compare this to a high end Android device such as the Nexus One or the Desire it actually just entered the play field. The screen is certainly better BUT, is it better than the current OLED screens being used on the above said devices? It’s higher res but that’s not the be all end all. The processing appears to be better but I would love to see an impartial review vs the snapdragon processor. Apple spent a lot of focus time on the new video chat feature, but is this new? not really. It may be very well done and better than the rest though, time will tell. Without introduction of iOS4 I think this may have been even less dramatic. I am very thankful that Apple upped the anti when it came to cell phone tech though. It’s time for me to support the others that are trying.

      The fact that Canada isn’t one of the first 5 gives me and other carriers time to step up and provide my impatient self with a different phone. Who’s it gonna be….

    • I’m getting the HTC EVO 4G

    • Bryan Leonard says

      Yep…also heading over to the Evo and unlimited 4g.

  6. Heck yeah!!!! I’m in love with this thing!!!!!!!! It’s time form me to leave my ipod touch 1g behind and get the iPhone 4!!!!! IT’S AMAZING.

  7. @JasonSmith

    Exactly. I totally agree with everyone saying the iPhone OS was a big step into the right direction and the iPhones created a market which wasn’t there before. I used my iPhones a lot and I loved the simplicity and consistency in using one. But now it’s like they’re not ahead of the game anymore. I don’t wanna get started here, it’s been discussed enough already. Let me just say that video chat is not THE killer app, which will keep me buying iPhones despite Apple’s policy regarding app approvals and other ridiculous restrictions (i.e. tethering). It’s pretty simple things I wanna have on my phone today. Custom ringtone for text messages? Widget-like switches for 3G etc.? More info than just a clock on the lock screen? Sure, I can do that by jailbreaking (and I did), but that can’t be the way to go.

  8. tomcrown1 says

    Heck yes I will upgrade by Pre-Order and head on over to pick up my Pre-Order no waiting in line

  9. Not buying one on opening day would be un-American! LOL 

  10. Got my 3G march of last year. Will get iPhone 4 asap!

  11. 32gb iPhone 4 – White.

    Apple Store in Bethesda, MD.

  12. Gonna pre-order….I still have 2G….so will be a HUGE upgrade for me…
    My current one is soooo slow compared to my wife’s 3Gs

  13. Not sure if upgrading the 3GS to 4 unit is worth it, upgrade on software will do me.

  14. I totally love the new iPhone but I am going to hold off as I still have 2 years left on my current contract with Fido and I know by then there will be the 6th rendition of the iPhone and it will be even more awesome! by then I bet it will have 128GB flash memory and an even more crazy camera and who knows what else so ill wait for sure at least 1 more year.

  15. Apple has fallen way behind what android is putting out there. The specs of the new iphone will be easily destroyed in a few months when htc and google put together another new phone. From what I have seen so far Im very unimpressed with the new iphone. It looks nice, for sure…but its doesn’t stand a chance up against say a Nexus One…especially when Froyo gets pushed out ota……the new iphone will be obsolete.
    Apple = being told what to do

    Android = do what you want to do

  16. I left AT&T, not the Iphone, months ago! The Droid Incredible is just that. And it is and always will be the network….

  17. does your site have an app. for iPhone ? I thinks it is a good idea

  18. My current 3GS 32 GB is in excellent condition, still looks brand new. (Yeah, I take care of my phone, lol). I’m simply looking forward to the free iOS 4 update on the 21st. Heck, that’s going to make the 3GS like a whole new phone again. With the exception of the few hardware updates on the iPhone 4 I’m really not going to be missing out on much. The iOS 4 will essentially be exactly the same. Can’t wait til Monday, yes!!!

    • After thinking about this I’ve changed my mind. Yes, I will be purchasing me a new iPhone 4.