New Poll – Will you get the new iPhone 4?

AiS So, now that the new iPhone 4 has been officially announced… will you get it?? I’m sure Doug will be standing in line on June 24th like he is every year!! I, on the other hand, will once again get his hand-me-down. So wrong!

Will you get the new iPhone 4?

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Apple Now Allowing In-App Purchase in Free App Store Applications

##ICON_NAME## Apple has announced to developers that they are changing the in-app purchase feature of App Store applications. In the past, only paid applications could use the in-app purchase feature however, Apple is now allowing the feature to be implemented into free apps as well as paid apps.

I’m not sure what I think about this yet but, I do think it could help clean up the App Store a bit. Instead of developers creating a free lite version of their app, they could just make the application free with an in-app purchase to buy the full game thus eliminating the need for free lite versions of applications.

Below is Apple’s memo. [Read more…]

New Poll – Will you purchase the iPhone 3G S?

AIS - New Poll Like the last poll, I also did this poll before we knew all the details about the iPhone 3G S. Now that we have all the info (and the details from AT&T) I’m interested to see if the numbers have changed any. Let me know in the comments if AT&T’s policy has affected whether or not you are going to be purchasing the iPhone 3G S. Below are the results from the last time we ran the poll.

Will you purchase the new 3rd Generation iPhone?

* Yep – It will be my first iPhone! (8.0%, 64 Votes)
* Yep – Upgrading from the 2nd Generation iPhone. (28.0%, 219 Votes)
* Yep – Upgrading from the 1st Generation iPhone. (17.0%, 130 Votes)
* Nope – Keeping my 2nd Generation iPhone. (14.0%, 109 Votes)
* Nope – Keeping my 1st Generation iPhone. (4.0%, 33 Votes)
* Nope – Sticking with my iPod Touch. (5.0%, 39 Votes)
* Nope – Still no iPhone. :( (1.0%, 11 Votes)
* Undecided – Waiting until after WWDC! (22.0%, 168 Votes)
Total Voters: 773 [Read more…]