Friday Night Movie Night: Apple iPhone 4 vs Motorola Droid X

YouTubeIntomobile is doing a comparison of the iPhone 4 and one of the most powerful Android phones on the market today, the Droid X. From what I can see, it has an extra mic and extra flash, otherwise I’ll keep my iPhone. I do like the notification system better on the Android software, but even with this high power of a device, the software is still laggy and glitchy. This is part 1 so as more videos are released, we’ll try to get them here.

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  1. Is it me or did he completely ignore the fact that the iPhone 4 has a front facing camera and the Droid X doesn’t.

  2. Daniel Dominguez says

    It’s not you… It’s your software.

  3. Geezer, great point. He also neglected to point out video calling, and that the back camera also shoots hd, not just the android phone. I appreciate the fact that he pointed out that the iPhone camera, although less megapixels, shoots better quality pictures and video. Let’s be honest, though. Plastic touch screen & phone vs. Glass and metal, more labor intensive all-around usage on the iPhone, more apps, and even if the apps can be rejected, they only are if they don’t do what they say, if they use private api’s or whatever that is, or if they do something apple Is currently against in the u.s. like tethering.

  4. Host_Killer says

    Larger screen is a double edged sword – great to have all the extra real estate ,but huge hole in your pocket. And I will compare anyone’s Driod
    X pic against my IPhone 4’s pic – iPhone 4 is a better quality.

    My prediction -The next Evo or Driod will surpass the iPhone but not right now

  5. Both should be neck and neck