ultrasn0w Unlock Fully Working on 4.2.1 – Q & A

Earlier this morning, Musclenerd tweeted that ultrasn0w was finally fully working on iOS 4.2.1. He then answered a few questions about the unlock… below are a few of the details and some of the Q & A.

    • The update will still not include the iPhone 4
    • It will cover the 4.2.1, 3G/3GS iPhones, baseband (05.15.04)
    • The best config for unlockers will be: old-bootrom 3GS, FW 4.2.1, untethered redsn0w JB, ultrasn0wed

Question: What about new-bootroom devices? is it gonna cover them is well?
Answer: The unlock will cover 3GS devices that are currently tethered JB at 4.2.1, but you’d still need to tether JB them for now

Question: So will it work on new-bootrom 3GS 4.1/05.14.02? Or does it need 4.2.1?
Answer: Nope it doesn’t need 4.2.1…but we needed to make it to work on 4.2.1. For new-bootrom 3GS, 4.1 is best for now

Question: What about new-bootroom devices? is it gonna cover them is well?
Answer : I’d stay at 4.1 if I were on a new-bootrom 3GS, until the untether JB 4.2.1 comes out

QuestIon: ultrasn0w 4.2.1 working for iPhone 4?
Answer: Yes…but only just as of tonight: but to reiterate, on iPhone 4 that’s only on BB 01.59.00

As we mentioned, the updated ultrasn0w unlock should be available by Sunday. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. o.M.G. I did not upgraded it yet :D thanx guyz

  2. everytime i try to use ultrasn0w it wont unlock my 3gs BB 5.15.04 it just says searching

  3. will new ultrasn0w unlock my 3gs with baseband 05.11.07

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