InvertColors SBSettings – Toggle White on Black mode

InvertColors SBSettings is an SBSettings toggle that allows you to quickly toggle the White on Black option from the stock Settings. The White on Black option basically inverts the colors on the device. If you’ve never seen it… it’s kind of trippy… you should check it out. One thing to note is that when you install this toggle, it is automatically added into the SBSettings drop-down. Usually when you install a toggle you have to go into the More/Set Toggle option in SBSettings and turn it on however, this one is turned on automatically when you install it. I didn’t have any issues with the toggle… it worked perfectly. InvertColors SBSettings is available via the BigBoss source.

Note: You can get to the White on Black option in the stock Settings under General/Accessibility.

Another Side Note: There are no screenshots of the actual White on Black mode because when you take screenshots during this mode they show up normal.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  


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  1. Does is work with iPod touch 2gen?
    I dont have à black on white option…

  2. No, only works on the newer models with the inverted color option in general>accessability. The toggle just makes it easier to switch the stock factory setting instead of having to navigate there manually.

  3. I’d like to have this on my 2g iPhone. It makes reading text easier and it also saves battery power since black uses less power than white.

    Can someone please make this for 3.1.3 please? I’m sick of all the good apps being only for 4.xx

  4. Absolutely brilliant little toggle. saves me loads of time because i’m always turning on and off the black on white function. Thanks very much!

  5. Wat if u can’t change back no and with freeze up