MobileNotifier – A Better Notification System

I really, really, really hate the pop up notifications on the iPhone. Really. So when I saw this alternative I was very excited to try it out. It looks great and so far, works well. Instead of getting a pop up for a text, you get what’s pictured below. Much better. When you receive a text, you will be able to select if you want to view it now or later. If you choose now, it opens up your Messages app and if you choose later, it leaves a badge on the stock Messages app icon and closes the notification.

MobileNotifier is in it’s third Beta and is free right now. Not sure if they will charge but it’s worth it to me already. There’s also a notification layout for the lockscreen too but mine doesn’t seem to be clearing even after reading the messages. Again, it’s still in Beta. You’ll have to add this source in order to see the app in Cydia: See THIS tutorial on how to add a source into Cydia (scroll down to the “Manually Adding a Source to Cydia” section).

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  


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  1. I like it but wish it would give me a keyboard overtop the app instead of switching to the SMS app. QuickReply for SMS does this quite nicely.

  2. I agree with Micah, a keyboard is definitely needed

  3. is there any tweaks in cydia for a quick reply feature?

  4. I really like this, the keyboard would be nice, but for now this is great.

  5. I like it but as bitesms user it’s kinda useless.

  6. QuickReply for SMS is a great tweak, Adam.

  7. Hi, downloaded it but didn’t work for me – iPhone 4 v4.2.1 ??

  8. I’m a longtime biteSMS user; it’s much better than this as it does have a keyboard instead of switching to the SMS app, and it has many more buttons (you can close it out [mark as read], etc.)

  9. let someone call you on viber and see what happens ! springboard crashes ! anyone experienced such issue ? i guess its from the pop-up notification that comes when viber calls , its not yet compatible with mobileNotifier

  10. Nice concept BUT its been giving me resets (safe mode).

  11. CaptainJamal says

    Does it work on iPhone 2G 3.1.3?

  12. Love it, but I’m getting both the Apple notification and the MobileNotifier. I turned off Apple’s built in notifications, but any time I get a text, I get both the MN notification and an iOS popup notification. Any idea how to get rid of the iOS stuff?

  13. Good, but crash sometimes and turn to it Saft mode.

  14. The final beta of mobilenotifier has a ‘quickreply’ action to bring up a keyboard so u dont need to go onto the message app

  15. Doss://jb says

    I’m having trouble with it going into safemode once in a while too.

  16. Doss://jb says

    I have 4.3.3 on 4th gen iPod touch. If it wasn’t crashing the springboard it would be perfect.

  17. I can’t find any of these on cydia. Swype, Media Center, etc… is there a separate repository I should be using?

  18. How come mines looks different?
    like the notifications…
    look at this and compare it
    :/ idk ive been looking nonstop and i have the newest version so wtf?


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