Cydia Gets Twitter-Like QuickBar

Ok, first I must say that I hate today. I would like to travel to the most desolate island and sit under a coconut tree all day with no interaction with people or technology. Since I can’t, I’ll go with the flow and post this article about a new feature of Cydia.

Twitter recently removed a very annoying feature of their iPhone app called the QuickBar. It originally hovered over your timeline and was a type of ticker that rotated between trending topics. Not only was it annoying because it was in the way, but if you tapped on it, 95% of the tweets were spam. It was so annoying that someone even made a hack in Cydia that removed the bar. Twitter eventually removed it stating they were just “testing” it.

This morning, Cydia came with a new QuickBar of it’s own. There are some funny “trending apps” that actually link to actual Cydia packages like #ToyStory3, #LebronJames, #Portal, #JustinBieber, #Glee, and one that’s called “Push the Button” that is a Rick Rollr app. Hopefully, it will be gone tomorrow, although it is more functional than Twitter’s.

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  1. I think that there would be a Cydia revolution if this was to happen :)