Releases iPad App

The iPhone app is great. You can drive around and look for houses for sale using the location based search. There are a ton of great features and it’s easy to use. I remember when I first installed the app I went straight to my iPad to see if there was a version for it. At the time, there was not but now there is! It looks so great on the iPad and it makes great for sitting on the couch with my wife and looking for a new home. The app is free to download so check out the screenshots below and then go download it!

iTunes Link

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  



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  1. Jill Kipnis says

    Thanks for the post! The iPad App is a great tool for “couch hunting,” and has some really cool features. I love the Area Highlighter, which lets you draw on the screen the exact area where you want to look for a home. You can even draw down just one street, for a really hyper-local search:

  2. Why they skip school information from their app. It is essential info for me.