GrabberApp – Open Any App with LockScreen Camera Icon

The new Camera icon located on the LockScreen of firmware 5.1 is a quick and easy way to access the stock camera app. This is great for when you need to take a picture or video and you don’t have time to unlock your iPhone, enter a password, & tap the camera icon. GrabberApp is a new hack that allows you to customize this icon to open any app. Facebook may be a good choice if you are an addict but other options that might make more sense are include other camera apps, task lists, navigation, mail, etc. Available for free in Cydia.

Developer Description:

Apple did great work on the camera grabber in iOS 5.1, but what if we prefer some other camera app to launch instead of the default camera app? GrabberApp allows you to launch *any* app you want directly from the camera grabber, with all the required changes, the Default.png that shown while dragging and more. GrabberApp will also work perfectly with passcode-owners, GrabberApp will bypass your passcode while launching, and when you’ll close your app, the device will request your passcode. If you do not have iOS 5.1 or higher, an additional free tweak will be installed to add camera grabber function to your lock screen. Configure options from Settings app


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