Poll – Do You Still Jailbreak?

We’re updating our website and wanted to know, do you still jailbreak your devices? It seems that jailbreaking has been behind lately and most people update for the new features from Apple before a jailbreak can be released. We are motivated to help people with their iPhones and other iDevices but want to know what the needs are. Please help us by answering a few questions in our polls. Thanks! Comments are welcome below!

Do you still jailbreak your iDevices?

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What iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or other Apple Devices would you like us to cover?

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  1. Been a long time since Appleiphoneschool was my go to or regularly visited like in the early days.
    This is because your updates, articles, have been so few and far between.

    Hope your considering to update more often post more again.

    • Thanks. This is because when we started, we had no children. Now we have 5! They are getting older and it’s easier to write again. Now that we’re getting back into it, we’re seeing less need for jailbreaking. We can’t even jailbreak our current devices because they are updated and there is no jailbreak. We’re going to try and share what we know from the apps we use, our friends tell us about and the questions that I receive often from people when they have problems with their devices.

  2. Was on 9.2.1 had my second i6+ have a screen issue that did the Mario brothers 3 drop down curtain making the digitizer unresponsive. Brought the 2nd 9.2.1 i6+ to Apple Genious Bar around the time of the 9.3 update. The Genious at the Genious Bar forgot to update the exchange i6+ and gave me a 9.1 i6+.
    Jailbreaking still has its benefits as long as you don’t install every package just cause it looks cool, a blogger did a review, and or just came out . Even tho I am on the latest jailbreak with a lot of packages that is not usable on 9.1 as many jailbreakers that create these packages are on lower firmware. It is still great to have options from the Apple Dictatorship of their devices.
    In a final note I would say that if a iOS 10 jailbreak does not come out. I would have to say in my opinion don’t expect any future firmwares to be jailbroken as these developers are focusing on future technology other than apple products to jailbreak!