3.0 Beta Icons – Look like you have 3.0 Firmware!

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

3.0 Beta Icons30betaiconstheme2 3.0 Beta Icons is a mod that will change your SMS, Phone and iPod icons to look like the icons that come with the 3.0 firmware. When I installed this app, it did not show up in WinterBoard and my icons did not change to the 3.0 icons so, I did what I always do…restarted my iPhone. However, that didn’t work so I uninstalled and reinstalled that app…that still didn’t work so I did some digging. When I SSH’d into my iPhone I found that the files had been added into the main root directory in a folder titled 3.0. So, I just copies the three icon files and added them into WinterBoard as a theme (instructions below) and then activated the theme in WinterBoard…it worked. Hopefully we see an update to the app that puts the folder in the correct place…which I’m assuming would be WinterBoard. This mod is available via the PwnCenter source.

Note: The Stocks icon is also different in the 3.0 Firmware but, that icon is not included in this theme.
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