iCopter 0.1.0a

iCopter iCopter has now been added to the Installer through the BigBoss source. There are just a few slight changes in the game from how it was when installed manually. The icon and the intro screen are both different. You also get a pop-up explaining how to play the game when you open the app. Also, when you crash…it puts a red circle around the helicopter. Other than that is plays the same…though [Read more…]

iCopter 1.2

iCopteriCopter version 0.1 1.2 brings some great updates. First, the intro screen has been changed drastically. It has the developer’s name, a small screen shot of the game, and the title of the game. Another big change is that the game play area increased. Now there is a lot more room to fly around and dodge the oncoming blocks. When you crash the helicopter you will not get a screen saying “You are dead” instead it takes you back to the main intro screen. [Read more…]


iCopteriCopter is a game based off of the highly addicting game Helicopter. iCopter is developed by Squimmy from the iPodTouchForums. iCopter is a very early release, so expect some glitches and uncompleted things that would wouldn’t normally have in a fully completed application. When the application is started a blurred notepad will appear, I am assuming that the developer did not implement a loading screen yet. In order to start the game, just tap the screen. The object of the game is to steer a green helicopter while dodging oncoming blocks. The helicopter will automatically start to fall, in order to raise the helicopter [Read more…]